I got a spark of inspiration for my ehw tonight and I ended up adding a new vowel (/i/ with orthography <ie>) and some additional utility markers: "nie" /ni/ ties an adjective to a noun to create a new noun rather than just describing the noun, and "in" /ɪn/ as the present-participial adjective marker to pair with the pre-existing "ed" that behaved as a past-participial adjective!


I also brainstormed a writing system, but it's not quite ready yet.

Hmmmm I should repurpose one of my "backup" Mastodon accounts into a place where I post about reading... which would be better for that? toot.cafe or wandering.shop? I'd prefer not to make yet another Mastodon account because I already have kind of a lot now.

I kept seeing "Shavian" on various conlanging forums, and I finally decided to look into it. I've got to say, it's pretty inspiring, and it makes me want to come up with my own alphabet using the phonemes for it.

Ooo I forgot about the Badagabada I started! I should explore that some more! That one is fun to write *and* speak!

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I don't really *want* to start a new since I have so many incomplete ones, BUT I really want to make a personal conlang for general use... hmm.

Oh, nope, false alarm. I was viewing the site from http instead of https. I'll have to contact people with accounts who haven't logged in since before the 2.0 update so I can set up auto-redirect to https soon...

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I just noticed that somehow I broke public libraries on with the sync fix I uploaded earlier... I'm not sure how, but I'm looking into it now.

PSA: if you have a linguistics class that’s recently been moved online and you’re looking to supplement lecture materials

Here's very long list of linguistics YouTube channels and other free online videos about linguistics, updated
t.co/BOtHTwfiBy #linguistics


lmao I just found out that "fuck" in Zirka is pronounced "shit" 😂

Wow! Someone just donated $60 for my work on ! That's so amazing!! I'm so happy it's helpful to people other than just me! 😃

I just *finally* fixed an issue that's been a problem in since last July that prevented words from syncing updates correctly between devices/browsers, and the cause was so stupid that I'm embarrassed I didn't fix it sooner.

Essentially, I was telling the program to check if a value existed, and if it *did* exist, that it should *not* use it. Oops. 🤦‍♂️

Anyway, I'm glad I finally got that taken care of! Extra thanks to the user who submitted an issue and got me to really look into it!

I've finally finished a HUGE update to my /codelang and its JavaScript plugin! It alters a ton of the characters and adds the IPA into the mix to help with pronunciation!


I still need to redo the cool cursive script I had before updating everything, but that'll be a pretty big project now that the letters are so different. The next step, though, will probably be to move everything into a font so the RTL display doesn't freak out anymore...

The only known bilingual palindrome:

Anger? ‘Tis safe never. Bar it! Use love.

Spell that backward and you get:

Evoles ut ira breve nefas sit; regna!

Which is Latin for:

Rise up, in order that your anger may be but a brief madness; control it! t.co/exdO437ZEA #linguistics

My resolution this year is to finish this one Japanese textbook I got a while ago before I go to Japan again. It feels like it should be achievable... hopefully it will be!

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