Oh no, I saw a new blog on Tumblr making a for but they were using diagonal lines and now I feel compelled to make a conlang that you can write with in-game, i.e. in only blocks/on a grid!

I don't even play the game anymore and yet I must do this 😬

That said, I'm gonna write a script to generate all possible syllables and just pair it with my master "needed words" list and see what happens!

Building a lexicon is hard because you need to think of words that you both want and need while trying to save yourself the work of excluding words you might not need... then you can't just generate words for that list—you want to make related words sound somewhat similar, and you want to combine as many basic words to create more complicated ideas rather than just having unique words...

Note: the "you" above is talking about me.

jan Mato | 2011

Toki pona has actually been used as a research language, since it's small enough to teach people in an experiment (unlike a natural language --or large conlang-- that takes 1000s of hours to learn), especially if you want the subjects to produce the language before the grant money runs out. I couldn't produce Icelandic literally for a few years after I started studying.


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I updated my N'tòsi 's to make a little more sense when writing, starting from the left and swinging up to write the vowel, then adding the remaining decorators. The little grid shows the placement of the pieces and the example in the grid shows the "stroke order".

I also realized all except 1 of the phonemes (/m/) kept the lips apart, so I replaced it with (/x/) so the lips never have to touch! I might change it back later, but I like it right now.

I started working on a for my N'tòsi ! It's hard to really see because this little notebook I have has lines that are too dark, but I like the simplicity and the fact that you can build any syllable you need rather than needing to memorize separate characters for each syllable.

Now I just need to build the lexicon so I can have stuff to write!

N'tòsi lexicon: lexicon.ga/271

I've been wanting to make a conscript for a little while, and I totally forgot that I had started working on a tonal that needs a syllabary designed!


It doesn't have much in the lexicon yet, but I'm excited to work on it again!

There are 3 major word groups for "orange" worldwide:
1. orange from sa: नारङ्ग nāraṅga orange tree, e.g.: es: naranja, ja: オレンジ orenji
2. "Appel from china, e.g. sv: apelsin ru: апельси́н)
3. "Portugiese": tr: portokal ar: بُرْتُقَالَة f (burtuqāla), gr: πορτοκάλι

Interesting exceptions:
Catalan: taronja von arab. تُـرُنْج‎ turunj Zitronenbaum 🤔
Hebrew: תַּפּוּז‎‎ (tapúz) golden apple

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Today's words are astronomical in feeling.

hosa (hosɐ) - star, spark
inlī (inliː) - moon
tōnlī (to:nli:) Great Moon (the conworld has 2), month
xira (xirɐ) - Sun

See lexicon.ga/469 for more details.

@Alamantus I absolutely love Lexiconga and am indeed using it for #lexember lexicon.ga/467 (it's a very sad short lexicon at the moment but that is what Lexember is for

I wonder how much effort they actually put into the elf language in The Christmas Chronicles...

For anyone participating in :

Lexiconga is a fast, free tool for building lexicons/word lists/dictionaries that you can optionally set up to share!

O if you want more intense linguistic control, ConWorkShop is a much heavier service that ties your constructed language's word translations together with other conlangs!

Been thinking about interspecies communication and diplomacy a lot lately...

"So this is your alphabet. It has 26 glyphs in current use, it fits on a business card, and it makes no sense at all."

"No arguments there."

"This is your international phonetic alphabet. The alphabet of the human speech system. Can you memorize this sheet of paper?"

"Uh... Sure, yeah, if that's my job."

"Good." *phonebook-sized thump* "This is the intergalactic phonetic alphabet. We'll work up to that."

I've been looking into again, which made me remember the I started developing a little while ago, ehw: lexicon.ga/170

I have a long way to go, but I need some sample sentences to figure out what words are needed—all I know is that I have plenty of words for taste distinction. >.>

I'd like it to be as simple as toki pona but with some extra vocabulary for improved clarity/the ability to also talk about bad things.

You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

How do you study languages on your own? / What's your process?

¿Cómo se estudia los idiomas por su cuenta? ¿Qué es su proceso?

I'm Robbie Antenesse, a web developer who loves and . I've started learning several languages other than English but never had enough use to actually learn them fully. So instead, I integrate what little I learn into in my spare time!

I also built , a simple and fast lexicon/dictionary builder for conlangs!
Here are some that I've made:
• Zirka: zirka.ga
• Gobahai: lexicon.ga/74

Happy to be here!

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