Been thinking about interspecies communication and diplomacy a lot lately...

"So this is your alphabet. It has 26 glyphs in current use, it fits on a business card, and it makes no sense at all."

"No arguments there."

"This is your international phonetic alphabet. The alphabet of the human speech system. Can you memorize this sheet of paper?"

"Uh... Sure, yeah, if that's my job."

"Good." *phonebook-sized thump* "This is the intergalactic phonetic alphabet. We'll work up to that."

I've been looking into again, which made me remember the I started developing a little while ago, ehw:

I have a long way to go, but I need some sample sentences to figure out what words are needed—all I know is that I have plenty of words for taste distinction. >.>

I'd like it to be as simple as toki pona but with some extra vocabulary for improved clarity/the ability to also talk about bad things.

You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

How do you study languages on your own? / What's your process?

¿Cómo se estudia los idiomas por su cuenta? ¿Qué es su proceso?

I'm Robbie Antenesse, a web developer who loves and . I've started learning several languages other than English but never had enough use to actually learn them fully. So instead, I integrate what little I learn into in my spare time!

I also built , a simple and fast lexicon/dictionary builder for conlangs!
Here are some that I've made:
• Zirka:
• Gobahai:

Happy to be here!

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