Oh no, I saw a new blog on Tumblr making a for but they were using diagonal lines and now I feel compelled to make a conlang that you can write with in-game, i.e. in only blocks/on a grid!

I don't even play the game anymore and yet I must do this 😬


@DialMforMara Of course! I don't really know where/how to start, but the blog had what could be a good starting point to build the phonology: the names of the creatures are the sound they make, i.e. cow = /mu/ and chicken = /bʌk/. Collect all the sounds, get their phonemes, add missing sounds that would be nice to use, and bam—instant phonology!

Orthography, word order, and grammar are unknowns, though I'm sure you could do something clever in relation to crafting if you thought hard enough...

@Alamantus Are you transcribing the sounds the in-game animals make? That’s a better starting point than just going with the usual English transcriptions.

I for one am excited to start collapsing sounds into phonemes.

Also has anyone tried building Ogham script into the sides of Minecraft buildings?

@DialMforMara yeah, transcribing the in-game sounds for sure. But I have no clue how to transcribe the snort of the pig or what the closest phonemes would possibly be... oh god, or the skeleton bone rattling sound! Maybe the twang of their bows instead?

I hadn't heard of Ogham script before but it seems like it might be a little narrow for Minecraft blocks... maybe if the writing was really big? But that's a good starting place for orthography inspiration!

@Alamantus now I've got What Does the Fox Say in my head, thinking about all these animal noises

@Alamantus @DialMforMara Since a block is 16 pixels square, use one block face per character and use a 16x16 grid? Assuming a 2 px whitespace, that would let you use 14x14 pixels for the actual script. Then you can use the varioux 14x14 fonts as inspiration?

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