I've wanted to make a code/cypher that elicits scribbles you'd see drawn in crayon or perhaps Mr. Saturn from Earthbound for a while, so I finally sat down and settled on some good shapes and symbols to use today! It's a phonetic English cypher best written in crayon with 32 characters to cover the most important (to me) distinct sounds. I'll show some sentences when I have a chance and/or can find a crayon, and I'll try to find roughly equivalent Unicode symbols for writing online lol

Alright, I've decided that emoji fit the mood of this cypher much better than equivalent Unicode characters 😄 here's a sample sentence with full-width spaces to show word breaks:

⚡️⭕️➰ 🐦➿ ❎ ◻️➰ 🏔➿ 🐟🟰‼️➕ ⭕️🏔 ❌ 〰️‼️🐟❌🌀❌♦️🟰 ⏳➿〰️?

"How do I go to sleep at a reasonable hour?"

Still need to find some crayons to share the written version...

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