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PSA: if you have a linguistics class that’s recently been moved online and you’re looking to supplement lecture materials

Here's very long list of linguistics YouTube channels and other free online videos about linguistics, updated #linguistics


lmao I just found out that "fuck" in Zirka is pronounced "shit" 😂

Wow! Someone just donated $60 for my work on ! That's so amazing!! I'm so happy it's helpful to people other than just me! 😃

I just *finally* fixed an issue that's been a problem in since last July that prevented words from syncing updates correctly between devices/browsers, and the cause was so stupid that I'm embarrassed I didn't fix it sooner.

Essentially, I was telling the program to check if a value existed, and if it *did* exist, that it should *not* use it. Oops. 🤦‍♂️

Anyway, I'm glad I finally got that taken care of! Extra thanks to the user who submitted an issue and got me to really look into it!

I've finally finished a HUGE update to my /codelang and its JavaScript plugin! It alters a ton of the characters and adds the IPA into the mix to help with pronunciation!

I still need to redo the cool cursive script I had before updating everything, but that'll be a pretty big project now that the letters are so different. The next step, though, will probably be to move everything into a font so the RTL display doesn't freak out anymore...

The only known bilingual palindrome:

Anger? ‘Tis safe never. Bar it! Use love.

Spell that backward and you get:

Evoles ut ira breve nefas sit; regna!

Which is Latin for:

Rise up, in order that your anger may be but a brief madness; control it! #linguistics

My resolution this year is to finish this one Japanese textbook I got a while ago before I go to Japan again. It feels like it should be achievable... hopefully it will be!

Thanks! Yeah, it'll take some work to get it just right because a lot of potential combinations could produce some unattractive results.

The only writing method I could think of for it was that it initially started with burnt ends of twigs that they noticed made charcoal markings on surfaces, which evolved into more modern pencil-like instruments. I really like the leaf-and-scalpel idea a lot, though, and it immediately creates a kind of locale for speakers to live in, which I've been missing!

Here's the updated N'tòsi script that shows how to write its syllables and tones!

I really like the idea of it, but its practicality is perhaps questionable. It's pretty sterile right now, so it may change if/as I end up actually using it in order to reflect more comfortable usage.

Reminder that The GUTS+ System Rule Book PDF is FREE TO DOWNLOAD until noon today (in your local time)!

After noon, it'll instead be on a 75% discount for the rest of the day for just $1.25!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I hope you enjoy!

#GUTSPlus #TTRPG #gift #sale

N'tòsi Day 7: Creation

–xôala– /xoa˨˦˨.la˨/ (Verb)
create, draw, make, paint
To create from either raw material or nothing.

–xǒila– /xoi˦˨˦.la˦/ (Verb)
build, construct, sculpt
To create from existing materials that were made before.

–xôaalái– /xoaː˨˦˨.lai˩˥/ (Verb)
imagine, think, plan
from root –xôala–

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N'tòsi Day 6: Correctness

–lí– /li˩˥/ (Marker)
true, positive, affirmation marker

–xá– /xa˩˥/ (Marker)
false, not, negation marker

–líasòi– /lia˩˥.ʃoi˥˩/ (Marker)
maybe, almost, many, partial marker

And perhaps my favorite:

–sáilǒi– /ʃai˩˥.loi˦˨˦/ (Marker)
apathy/indifference marker:
Implies whatever, whoever, wherever, "who cares". Can take the place of a Noun, Adjective, or Adverb in a sentence to show that the exactness doesn't matter.

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N'tòsi Day 5: Home

Oftentimes, lengthened syllables imply a greater honor or respect for the subject of the word. Observe the etymology of place as it becomes home.

–ò– /o˥˩/ (Noun)
place, spot, area

–yò– /ɲo˥˩/ (Adjective)
good, comfortable, friendly

–òyo– /o˥˩.ɲo˨/ (Noun)

–òyoo– /o˥˩.ɲo˨ː/ (Noun)
home, the concept of

And as a bonus:

–òoyôo– /o˥˩ː.ɲo˨˦˨ː/ (Noun)
temple; a home for a god

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N'tòsi Day 4: Birds

–tàká– /ta˥˩.ka˩˥/ (Noun)
bird (flying)

–tǎoka– /tao˦˨˦.ka˦/ (Noun)
bird (non-flying / food)

Birds that fly are free and unshackled from the earth, and freedom shall never be taken from the free. Birds that do not fly are bound by the same restrictions as us, and are thus fair game for food.

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N'tòsi Day 3: Direction

–tín– /tin˩˥/ (Pronoun)
this, here, hither

–sán– /ʃan˩˥/ (Pronoun)
that, there, yonder

–tínsan– /tin˩˥.ʃan˦/ (Pronoun)

Fun Fact: –tínsan– is almost always paired with the interrogative marker –ń'– and literally literally means "here there?"

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N'tòsi Day 2

–ǐyan– /i˦˨˦.ɲan˦/ (Verb)
do, act, perform

Doing and performing are one and the same. Life is a dance, and each action is another a step in its choreography.

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N'tòsi Day 1:
Catchup edition!

Today's words: Pronouns and the relationship between us.

–àn– /an˥˩/ (Pronoun)
I, me, self

–ǎan– /an˦˨˦ː/ (Pronoun)
you, other

–ân– /an˨˦˨/ (Pronoun)
it, inanimate/non-sentient other

–âan– /an˨˦˨ː/ (Pronoun)
he, she, they, animate/sentient other

Sharing the core sounds shows a connection between self and others, but altering the tone & elongation shows an inherent respect for others by spending more time on the other than the self.

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Alright, so the is full of short and boring words (on purpose), so instead, I'm going to start featuring N'tòsi for !

It's my first attempt at a tonal language, and it has a phonology that I enjoy! I'm having fun putting the rules together, and I like the conscript I thought of for it, too!

I still have a lot of work to do, but now that I know about the Swadesh List, I have some direction for what words I ought to make!

Now to catch up!

Day 5:

"huded" /hu.ded/ (Derived Adjective)
contained, held, secured, comfortable

Fun Fact: Derivation happens in several ways in the . Appending "ed" to a verb creates an adjective from that word that means the state of being caused by the verb. When a verb ends in a vowel, the "ed" acts as a separate syllable with a glottal stop, but it modifies words ending in a consonant so that the consonant creates a syllable with "ed".

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