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Slouching on my throne, toying with my scepter, watching the new peasants I mean users arrive

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Rapid antigen tests and carbon dioxide monitors are warning systems, not approval processes.

With a RAT, you're looking for a positive. A negative is fine, but does not exclude the possibility of infection.

With a CO2 sensor, you're looking for a large number of parts per million (>1,200 ppm). Depending on the size of the room and the number of people present, a low reading (400-1200 ppm) is fine, but does not exclude poor filtration.

You're looking for the warning, not for the approval.

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Hot plural take 

Systems that get worked up over origins are the TERFs of plurality.

The obsession with how people come into existence or arrive in a so similar to the obsession other people have with genitals. It is just pointless.

Pomogender ("postmodern" + gender) is the realization that having a gender is SO last century.

We should rename peanuts and call them peabeans.

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Slightly lewd poll, need input 

Would you fuck the dragon from Spirited Away

Slightly lewd poll, need input 

Would you fuck the dragon from Spirited Away

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social site called rantr where the only ways to interact with the site are to make threads of unhinged ranting and to react to other folks' rants with emoji. no replies, no comments, no quote tweets, just ranting and emoji reacts

Been using Tocca's Florence a few times a week now and am really enjoying it. The gardenia and jasmine are hefty (and they persist all the way through the dry down), but the fruit topnotes counter them nicely. I like that the base isn't too complicated so that the florals can be front and center.

Anyone have a go-to right now? What do you like about it?

If you enjoyed Crying Breakfast Friends from Steven Universe I think you will enjoy Wheel of Time

Truth Social 

Me: Should I make a Truth Social account?

Maddox: N–

Me: Too late

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ACNH, jokey 

I will kill everyone on this island

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ACNH (Blathers) 

If you're so tempted to buy my fossils for your personal collection then do it you coward

Possibly unpopular dance opinion: I don't like K-pop. It's low-energy and it's not expressive.

I think a two-hour ballet is boring but I would absolutely prefer to watch it given a choice between the two.

Wheel of Time S1E02 

Oh we do get the retelling it's just boring as hell

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If your characters are supposed to be exhausted, please make them look disheveled. You don't get to look nice when you're running from Trollocs :blobCatGogglyEyes:

Wheel of Time S1E01 

Also why wasn't Thom there

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