"When will the pandemic end?": an actual (non-exhaustive) answer 

On a systemic level:

- wastewater surveillance

- contact tracing

- accessible RATs and PCR tests

- adequate death registration and coroners services (you don't have to be medically qualified to be an investigator in my province)

- paid sick leave

- universal basic income

- accessible respirators

- building code upgrades

- vaccine equity

"When will the pandemic end?": an actual (non-exhaustive) answer 

On a community level:

- offer to clean for, cook for, and transport long COVID survivors

- build and decorate Corsi-Rosenthal boxes together

- provide evidence-based information; be honest about what you don't know

- help people assess their ventilation and filtration needs

- stay connected with experts and organizations to stay up to date

- donate excess supplies to people in need

"When will the pandemic end?": an actual (non-exhaustive) answer 

People have asked me this question a few times and I understand the despair and hopelessness behind it. It feels like there's no end in sight.

The problem here, I would argue, isn't pathogens. It's institutions, cultural values, and messaging.

We can contain this on a community level; we've seen people do it. Two women achieved a 97% vaccination rate in their hometown of Panola, AL by doing a doorknocking campaign in 2021.

"When will the pandemic end?": an actual (non-exhaustive) answer 

Again: ~97% of people in Panola decided to get vaccinated because Dorothy Oliver and her county commissioner spent time listening to their concerns. The average vaccination rate in Alabama at the time was 38%!

When we tell people what to do, we disempower them. But when we ask them what their experience is and what kind of community efforts they're most interested in, we involve them and show them that they actually matter.

"When will the pandemic end?": an actual (non-exhaustive) answer 

This kind of engagement requires patience and conflict resolution skills. You have to be professional, empathetic, charismatic, friendly, and knowledgable. (So...sales.)

When you look someone in the eye and tell them that they matter and they're important, it changes everything. It is incredibly disarming. People expect you to fight them or condescend them, not to care about them.

That is something the state can never do for us.

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