Orthopoxvirus vaccination. Unpopular but essential opinion 🧵 

If you were born after 1970, get the vaccine.

If you are cis, make up whatever story makes you eligible. I finished transitioning in 2020, I've been in queer circles long enough to know that HIV/AIDS was not limited to queer people.

I want you to get vaccinated because you can help us stop this spread.

Orthopoxvirus vaccination. Unpopular but essential opinion 🧵 

It doesn't matter if you're not a man who sleeps with men (MSM). We're already seeing cases in cis people. PCR tests are withheld from them because they are not MSM.

I plugged in my values last night and global growth is linear so far, but if we don't act on this, it could turn exponential by August.

Don't listen to the bullshit from news outlets and public health.

You have a duty and a right to get vaccinated.

Orthopoxvirus vaccination. Unpopular but essential opinion 🧵 

You have my explicit permission and encouragement to tell a clinic that

1. You have sex with men, OR

2. Your partner is a man who sleeps with men as well as with you.

Embellish as desired. Yes, we use protection, we test regularly, we're very careful, but we are at risk. No, he doesn't listen to me, he sleeps with whoever and I don't want to get infected.

Orthopoxvirus vaccination. Unpopular but essential opinion 🧵 

If you are immunocompromised (from an autoimmune disease or immunosuppresants), you need to speak with a doctor about contraindications. Attenuated vaccinia Ankara is not without risk.

I am happy to pose as your hot partner over the phone if needed.


It's unclear why we're seeing this OPXV outside Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

• Mounting evidence suggests SARS-2 destroys more immune cells than HIV does.

• People under 50 are not vaccinated.

• Most countries fail to contain literally anything.

Act under the assumption that you've been infected with COVID at least once already. Do not get cocky with this virus. The potential complications for a compromised immune system could be severe.



Disclaimer: I hold no degree. I just read a lot of history and my system has been studying microbiology and ethics for a long time. Interpret my opinion however you like.

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