i guess that's subtooting about half the people here :D

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sourcing Brazilian-type mate in Germany 

- the cheapest source I could find for Barão thick grain is

(same price but higher minimum order limit:

this one is easier for beginners. but it's a 1kg pack, a smaller pack of the traditional one is available at

the traditional one is easy to clog, use it with a "spoon" (circular) bombilla and don't get frustrated.

if you want to get really into cold mate for the summer, look into the "tererê" line instead. you can do tererê with the normal herb but the dedicated ones are easier to make a tasty one.

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@ranjit @holly perhaps we should make a bicycle powered barrel organ or robotic band.

mate question, :boostsPorFavor: 

what is sold off as mate in Germany looks very different than what I'm used to from home. it's dry and flaky, more like our mate tea. but it's sold like with gourds and bombillas and stuff. can you really do mate with this? anybody knows what's up with this kinda herb? :thonking: 🙇‍♀️, the go-to translation dictionary for German, proudly made in Germany, doesn't offer a German <-> Turkish dictionary. Linguee/DeepL, the "world's most accurate translator", proudly made in Germany, doesn't offer Turkish translations. (It auto-detects a Turkish word as English.)

What do I think about this? Not much other than FUCK YOU GERMANY you fucking stinking racist pile of shit.

I will launch a crypto based on "Proof of kicking your owns balls very hard".

Hopefully we just need to wait one generation for this whole madness to end.

So you wanna do social scientes, humanities, STEM, or medicine?

Linguistics: Yes.

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my spouse just keeps telling me that i look cute. well, i suppose so!

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