After studying kanji for years, finally I know all the characters to write JLPT in Japanese:

日 = sun, day
本 = origin, book
日 + 本 = Japan

語 = language, word
日 + 本 + 語 = Japanese language

能 = talent, skill
力 = power, strength
能 + 力 = ability, proficiency

試 = try, attempt
験 = testing
試 + 験 = examination

Combining everything together:

日本語能力試験 = Japanese Language Proficiency Test

@Stoori @maloki also HOW do you reach out / build relationships safely when your own anxieties and insecurities lead to you opting into harmful relationships that actually make things worse?

Bless your timeline with these fox blobs 

#Casteism101, or 001: People everywhere use the word* 'pariah', when you do, you understand what casteism mean. At other times, you don't? That it is no longer practised or not practised in x country is a LIE by colonisers. And no you cannot use that slur.

*'Pariah' is a slur, a violent slur that no one is even reclaiming, so why are people using it casually? Yes, English language is full of colonisation & the worship of other colonisations so it turned an insult towards a group to a 'word'.

After a few conversations, here's my conclusion:
1. There's no AI/ algo here controlling the flow of what people view.
2. Birdsite's AI/ algo (perhaps intentionally?) favors content with high emotion/ confrontation/ anger because it elicits reality-TV reactions
3. My content (like me) is very non-edgy, non-confrontational. I'm happy to be sweet, analytical, funny and soothing.
4. Therefore, I'm invisible on birdsite, and the absence of an algo actually favors #chill #pleasant content here.

Finnish postal workers are on strike from today.

The employer makes a new low by cutting a hole in their fence so that scabs can go to work unnoticed.

To #India and other #newbies: How to find people and be found.

ENGAGE. Toot, respond, boost.

The best way to see, be seen, and engage, is, well, to get out, look for things, and be visible.

DON'T over-share. 1-10x daily? Pretty good. 10-100x daily? Excessive. Less than a few times a month? Where'd you go?

Hashtags. Use them AND search them. Search tags you used for others with like interests.

Be human. Self-promotion, rudeness, single-topic obsession, goes badly.


For the new folks on Mastodon, here are the various ways you can discover new people on here to talk to!

Please boost :)

ar #brezhoneg
Breton language online resources (list in the making)

Ofis publik ar brezhoneg

Outils linguistiques

Grammaire celto-bretonne, by Jean François Marie Maurice Agathe Le Gonidec (an old outline of Breton from Google Books)

Cours de breton audio : 400 expressions...


Du breton au français

mastodon meta. 

best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

I wonder if the people joining Mastodon from India also have an appetite for ditching more of the capitalist internet, because there are replacements for many more things than just twitter.

For example, no need to use google maps when you can add detail of even things like footpaths in your town to OpenStreetMap :

The Switching Software website contains an ever-growing list of ethical alternatives for many things:

From "Duizend soldaten" by Willem Vermandere

als ge van ze leven in de westhoek passeert
deur regen en noorderwinden
keert omme den tied als g' alhier passeert
den oorlog ga j' hier were vinden

ja 't is den oorlog da 'j hier were vindt
en 't graf van duizend soldoaten
altied iemands voader altied iemands kind
nu doodstille en godverlaten

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