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Kirjakasa on avattu!

Tervetuloa pienimuotoiseen, kotikutoiseen ja jäsentensä turvallisuutta ja hyvinvointia vaalivaan lukijayhteisöön!

Jos haluat mukaan, pyydä kutsulinkkiä Kirjakasan etusivulta.

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Avatar image description: drawing of an almost naked white woman holding up a bicycle in their hand and having a black chicken with spread wings on their head, cropped from an early 1900s bicycle poster.

Header image description: cartoonized photo of me signing the place name Raisio, thus having my hands with extended index and middle fingers passing each other in front of my breast.

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I saw yet again a toot calling for solidarity for migrants, and I thought what a socially anxious translator like me could do in practice.

And I can always help with language.

So what if anyone willing to do the same showed their willingness, among with details what they're ready to do and in what languages, with the hashtag .

Feel free to boost as much as you like, and of course share your own language skills.

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If you need help with or in , I can answer questions about language and provide short translations related to your life as a migrant for free.

You can ask in any A/B/C level language mentioned in my profile, although I may answer in English.

Note: I'm not licensed to do official translations.

Contact via DM or on public timeline.

Part 2 of the poll.

I naively assumed that it's a truth universally acknowledged that a bike is mounted from left, but turns out it isn't. So in the first part you can also mirror the movements and answer accordingly.

But now for part 2: From which side do you normally mount your bike?

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One of the rarest #cats on earth, the Andean Mountain #Cat, stretching in front of a wildlife cam

How do you normally start bikeing? (Assuming a common 2-wheel bicycle.)

1. First left foot on pedal, kick some speed with right foot, then throw right leg over to the right side.

2. First throw right leg over to the right side, put left foot on pedal, then push left pedal down and kick some speed with right foot.

3. Some other routine (describe in a reply).

4. I normally ride something else than a common 2-wheeler.

In a Zoom meeting, someone has a poster behind them with just the text "INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE.JPG"

hello, I.T., have you tried turning it off and leaving it off?

Now that I mentioned Bertolt Brecht and songs made of his poems in this another toot I wondered if there are absolute banger songs of his poems in other languages than Finnish, too.

Follow the link above and you'll find An der Nachgeborenen in finnish.

Here's Lob der Dialektik in finnish

Hit me with links for Brecht songs in other languages!

I'm not quite sure if I have linked this here before, but now LISTEN UP EVERYONE who's up to some Finnish music.

This not-so-new song is about a clown who falls in love with a woman in the audience.

I especially love the lines that translate roughly as ”one shouldn't laugh at clowns who fall in love / i know it, i've seen the roles reverse / i wouldn't want you to share the faith of those / who'll never see behind the mask”.

Just taking a moment to appreciate how lucky I am to be sitting in my cozy apartment at my nice computer working at my awesome job with everything I could possibly need in the world while people in Syria, Ukraine, and probably a hundred other places I haven't listed are worrying about how not to get blown up by a stray shell or bullet.

to paraphrase Lenin, there are decades where AHEM PROFESSIONALISM happens, and weeks where CONDENSED REEFER happens

Explanation: the entire Burger King and Taco Bell chains in Finland (as well as some other national restaurant chains) are owned and operated by a cooperative which is run by the Left alliance (descendant of the old Communist party), and funds them as well as various other socialist and marxist activities

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Americans eat at a fast food chain and end up funding bigotry, Finns eat at American fast food chains and end up funding Communism instead


Mystery revealed: why /w/ isn't on the IPA chart (the answer will surprise you!)

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