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I've been a bit quiet on the admin front lately, and this has been a slow and snug place, easy to take care of. But there's one issue that'll be pressing soon.

Our hosting plan is for 100 users. We now have 96 registered users. But only about a third of those *seem* to be active, so I thought that I could start to prune some of the oldest accounts that have not been used after registering.

Don't worry, everyone whose account looks abandoned will get a DM and time to react.

Hmmh. I'd like to go interrailing this spring/summer. But I don't want to go alone, I'd need a friend willing to sit in a train for days and being able to go, a friend I don't have at the moment.

Also, I don't actually know where I would go and what I'd like to see. If I knew people in Europe, I could visit them, but I don't have such friends.

So the prospect to sit alone in a train for a week and not to have any clear destination/people to see is not that appealing.

It sucks to be so lonely.

Kirjoitusergonomia on nyt vähän parempi. keyboardio ja DAS-asettelu. <3

If you have submitted patches (or translations) to Mastodon before and they've become part of the software, you can go here:


And submit an invoice for your work 💰

”We don't need your deductions, Mr. Holmes, to tell us that.”

(Arthur Conan Doyle: The Valley of Fear)

Or, as is more commonly said nowadays: ”No shit, Sherlock.”

Hey @nextcloud, could you (or somebody else) say if it's possible for me to change my Social host name?

I'm selfhosting at home, thus using mainly from localhost. When I first opened Social, it created me an account with @localhost host name. After that I opened Social via my public domain name, but the @localhost stays there, and I can't find any settings page for the Social app to tinker with this.

So am I stuck with this @localhost now? Or should I delete & re-enable Social?

Mastodon is chumbawumbing -- and many blame the whisky drink, they blame the vodka drink, they blame the lager drink, they blame the cider drink

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books on climate & environment, thread:

"Consuming Ocean Island: Stories of People and Phosphate from Banaba" Katerina Martina Teaiwa

Waiting for a train at midnight when it's winter and misty, and there are some locomotives shunting eerily, their lights glowing through the mist — quite honestly that's when I feel most alive.

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Really the best way to celebrate new year is to browse twatter for and also making your very own.

Look, it's crying!

(Yes, this is a phenomenon over there, and it really could be one here too.)

@regnskog I'm ashamed to say I don't know where to direct you, I don't know much about French neopronouns, and what I do know I learnt from reading and listening to people using them. Here's the official page for the main organisation promoting inclusive writing, which is unfortunately all in French but if you speak it it's probably a natural place to start: ecriture-inclusive.fr

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