My workplace put out a fresh bowl of room temperature soda in the break room, right next to the very exciting halloween decoration. Really captures the company spirit of "meh, we get paid to come here 🤷‍♂️"

”They tackle difficult themes of colonialism and violence with unflinching grace, and the band of young people at the center of the story—and the fate they create for themselves—makes me want to sob and cheer at the same time. — — This may be the story in this book most likely to rewire your brain.”

That's what they said about my short story in the coming Dragon Bike anthology!

people on here are really wondering why the western media is ignoring the Ecuador protests??? I mean...look at them

According to recent research about half of the angry tweets targeting Finnish politicians come from just 200 accounts.

Here's the full publication (in Finnish):

Hey cool! At some point 's bug preventing mac from going to sleep has been fixed. Now I can actually keep the program running. :)

Now if I only had any contacts there...

I think the problem with nonviolence comes down to how the state has coopted and redefined the term "violence"

Private property has no rights. Smashing a storefront or torching a cop car isn't "violent" because it doesn't actually harm anyone

If you define nonviolence as "not causing direct harm to any individuals except in self-defense against a direct attack" then I think a huge number of radicals would agree with that. But when most people say "nonviolent" what they mean is "nonthreatening," and yeah, that's gonna be ineffective, almost tautologically

I heard #ExtinctionRebellion are taking on an airport today? GOOD. :) A relatively low proportion of people actually fly and it makes so much CO2. It's not as big of a deal as the worst culprit (fridges, freezers and air conditioners improperly destroyed) but it's still huge. 💪

Oh if I only had an excuse to travel to the Netherlands...

meta, ActuallyAutistic 

meta, ActuallyAutistic 

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