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If any of you mufos want to add me as their Briar contact, as a back-up measure in case we lose contact through the fediverse and you still want to keep in touch with me in that unfortunate case, DM me.

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Kirjakasa on avattu!

Tervetuloa pienimuotoiseen, kotikutoiseen ja jäsentensä turvallisuutta ja hyvinvointia vaalivaan lukijayhteisöön!

Jos haluat mukaan, pyydä kutsulinkkiä Kirjakasan etusivulta.

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Avatar image description: drawing of an almost naked white woman holding up a bicycle in their hand and having a black chicken with spread wings on their head, cropped from an early 1900s bicycle poster.

Header image description: cartoonized photo of me signing the place name Raisio, thus having my hands with extended index and middle fingers passing each other in front of my breast.

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I saw yet again a toot calling for solidarity for migrants, and I thought what a socially anxious translator like me could do in practice.

And I can always help with language.

So what if anyone willing to do the same showed their willingness, among with details what they're ready to do and in what languages, with the hashtag .

Feel free to boost as much as you like, and of course share your own language skills.

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If you need help with or in , I can answer questions about language and provide short translations related to your life as a migrant for free.

You can ask in any A/B/C level language mentioned in my profile, although I may answer in English.

Note: I'm not licensed to do official translations.

Contact via DM or on public timeline.

time to go to bed. more butchering of languages tomorrow!


😫✋ pop-tarts
😏👉 poop-turds

now if anyone is wondering if this is how i really speak when i'm not self-conscious, well, it depends you know!

in this thread i've of course made my pronunciation worse and thicker on purpose, but my speech, in any language, is often quite varied in quality.

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saltiness levels are currently at 17% but fluctuating wildly

(17%) ■□□□□□□□□□

There are many reasons to post a transcript with a video. First, accessibility. Also, skimmability (a word?)—good for anyone who wants to know if it’s going to be worth their time to invest an hour or more in watching an extended recording. Real-time captions don’t help much with that. #a11y

Reminder that Tusky still has a TOOT! button. We should make it even more whimsical so that it animates like during tooting.

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