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We (@keyboardio) are thinking of making black XDA profile keycaps with Linear A legends. Would you want a set?

Okayh, I feel like is not flexible enough to use in humanities — there just aren't enough customization and formatting options if you still want to use many of the automatic features (like references).

Prove me wrong, or else I'll get back to !

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Here's an idea: organize some gender reveal parties in Silicon Valley.

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TIL that there's a 19th century maintenance staging chamber in the Cologne sewers that's frequently used to host concerts because of its great acoustics

never mind the fact that it's just got a massive fuckin open sewer running along the side of it

violent far-right in finland 

Helsinki police dept has just published stats for last year. There were 57 reported cases of ”violent extremist crimes”. Of those 56 were connected to far-right, 1 to far-left, and 0 were religiously motivated (definitions from the police).

So yes, I can clearly see how both extremes are represented here! (/sarcasm)

Anyone else using the app in self-hosted and having weird behaviour after latest update?

The file closes-but-doesn't-close, which is super annoying.

Is this just because I'm using the internal Community Server app as a back-end?

Anyway, this never happened before.

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Does anyone else get that shot of dopamine when someone boosts your toots? It is strangely nice 😂

introducing MEGAN

it's meat version of vegan foods. so basically vegan for men

After my hard-to-explain book gets published, I'll throw a genre reveal party.

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Hey, it's , and for once I look fine!

Here are two screenshots from a video I just made for my sign language course. There I'm explaining to you where in the Netherlands is .

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So yeah, I definitely didn't make a plague doctor mask...

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Saw this thought it looked pretty cool

particular <3 for the licensing.

Gender reveal guillotine; speculative violence 

So, if you decapitated a noble to see if their blood is red or blue, thus announcing your gender.

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Is there a cooperatively owned eBook platform? Similar to #Resonate?

(Boosts welcome!)

#Coops | #Coop | #LearnLog

everyone's always talking about brute-force attacks

how bout brute-for defence for a change?

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I'm really happy that technocapitalism hasn't corrupted books as much as other media.

We don't have novels as a service. Written stories don't want anything from you other than your attention.

We have plenty of written media that is just out there in the public domain ready for reading and the best way to get the most titles is a goddamn library.

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