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If you put my name or handle on any list of fediverse users without my consent and i find it out, i will block you.

No matter if you're a fellow linguist or not. If you don't ask my consent to do that, i will block you.

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Kirjakasa on avattu!

Tervetuloa pienimuotoiseen, kotikutoiseen ja jäsentensä turvallisuutta ja hyvinvointia vaalivaan lukijayhteisöön!

Jos haluat mukaan, pyydä kutsulinkkiä Kirjakasan etusivulta.

dear #arabic speakers, writers and readers, please help @libreoffice to improve its default font for your language.
go and comment:

this call is a relay of this conference about #RightToLeft support in LibreOffice:
#YourSoftwareYourLanguage #localization #internationalization

Uusimmat #koronafi #jätevesi tiedot, kiitos Tuomas Mattila @twitter
- reipasta nousua lähes kaikissa mittauskohteista
- Suomen kaikkien aikojen ennätys

Lue: nyt on helpompi saada tartunta satunnaisesta kanssakäymisestä kuin koskaan ennen. Jos haluat suojatua #longcovid, käytä #ffp2 suojainta, vaikka rokotuksesi olisivatkin ajan tasalla. Itselläni ei ole, kun #THL ja #Helsinki eivät salli buusteria.

a guy named Ray
always wears a cathood
always takes the tube

could this be something?


My Aunty's books:

Follow the Rabbit-proof Fence (2000), Home to Mother (2006) and Under the Wintamarra Tree (2002) by Doris Nugi Garimara Pilkington (1937 - 2014)

Not shown is Aunty's debut book: Caprice, A Stockman's Daughter (1991)


See the world's laziest athletes compete this season... only on ESPN

misread unlocked 

i saw the words ”curl up on the sofa” but started reading it ”world cup...” and then it didn't make any sense

🌞 MOIN, Ihr Schnippler*innen☀️😁
🔴 Rito hat für seine #ADHS die perfekte Therapie. Er schneidet detaillierte Szenerien aus Laubblättern. Wundervoll. 🍃
🔴 Rito has the perfect therapy for his #ADHS . He cuts detailed scenery from foliage leaves. Wonderful. 🍁
➡️ Artist: Rito aka #LitoLeafArt 🍂
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #BuonGiorno #Bonjour
#Blattschnittkunst #LeafArt
#GutenMorgen #GoodMorning ☕ see you... 👋

Just published "Language assessment in multilingual settings: Innovative practices across formal and informal environments" edited by Eva Rodríguez González & Rosita L. Rivera #openaccess #cib

writing ~ 

i just saw a recent short comment on one of my 10 years old short story and, uh, they had read it as a homophobic story and deducted that it was written by a homophobe.

which is... well, okay, i didn't quite have the finesse i have today (hah!) when i wrote that, and i wouldn't write quite a similar story today, but suuuuure if you know nothing about the artist, you may end up making some wild assumptions.

I don't know how widely circulated this has been but uh apparently Sudowrites has been scraping AO3 for its writing AI 😬

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