bernie meme 

(picture not mine, apparently from finland)

jitsi bluetooth problem, help needed 

My spouse has a curious problem with BT (noise-cancelling) headphones in Jitsi Meet (and BBB) in Windows 10.

The problem is, most of the time the headphones won't work. They work okay in other tabs on same browser session, and they work okay otherwise, it's just Jitsi Meet that they don't work in.

This applies both to Sony and Bose headphones.

DDGing or googling doesn't bring much help. How should we proceed with troubleshooting?

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Worldwide walking & cycling isochrones (“Show everywhere within X min. travel”) based on #OpenStreetMap data. Also intersection of isochrones. A great way to find the most convenient place to meet your friend!

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seeking book recommendations, boosts welcome 

Looking for interesting books in languages indigenous to Africa, the greater Caribbean, the South Pacific, & the Indian Ocean. Boosts & tags with the intent of reaching someone who has suggestions very much welcome!

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”Ulkopuolella tehdään julkisivun ns. skinirakenteita.”

Nooh, arvaahan sen, mikä biisi tästä hyvästä alkaa soida päässä.


Looks like someone with the handle @reverenddaeyunkimphd is registering on multiple instances. Tried to open an account here, too. Based on their public profiles and posts on other instances I rejected their application.

Perhaps it's good to keep your eyes open for this user.

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If you like #gemini I just found out about this neat directory of gemini host categorized by topics much like the Mastodon Trunk page.

Probably worth checking out if you're looking for some content in geminispace:


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linguistics opinionated opinion, sign languages 

Since we’re bashing linguistics today:

The more I learn about linguistics the more baffled I become that "at least one sign language" isn't a mandatory subject for all linguists from, like, undergrad year 1, and all skill paths like phon/phon, morphology, prag etc. aren't studied from the start using both sign and voice as first-class objects of study for contrast and comparison.

I mean I maintain that
widespread acquisition of sign languages by children of the general population – the way Australian Aboriginal and other peoples did it – would have a ton of advantages not just for inclusion, which would already be worthy the effort ofc, but for everybody else too; but, come on, us linguists? There's 2 fundamental types of human language and we base all our models and conclusions on 1?

It's as if you're training chemists and on first semester somebody briefly flashes them a periodic table for a minute and says "yeah so there are 3 types of elements, metals, metalloids and nonmetals. From now on we're going to focus on metals." And most of them, for their whole career, never think about silicon or sulphur again. They try to learn everything about bonding and reactions and molecule structure etc. using metals as the sole subject 99% of the time. Sometimes somebody who took the 8th-semester optional subject "General Introduction to the Most Common Nonmetal In This Area I" (where they do a crash run over reactions, molecules etc. now with 1 single nonmetal added into the mix) will point out "oh, actually hydrogen does not behave like that", then everybody else gets annoyed at this arrogant interrupty person who keeps bringing these weird nonmetal complications into the stuff they're already finding it hard to follow with metals only.

Putting my effort where my mouth is and my hand will soon be: anybody wants to learn Deutsche Gebärdensprache with me please send a note, I'm serious o/ maybe we could start with fingerspelling over jitsi or s/t :)

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tired: Are you a robot?
wired: Are you a robot yet?


In the 00s the daily time to celebrate was 13:37 o'clock.
In the 10s it was 13:12 o'clock.
I wonder what time it will be in the 20s.

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paid casting for nonbinary voice actor, boosts welcome 


"I am currently casting a voice actor who:
- identifies as non-binary
- has an excellent RP
- can sound 16-20
- has a demo to send my producer

This is for PAID work w possible expansion beyond the immediate project.

Feel feee to RT. If this is you, DMs are open for your links."

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I stedet for boklansering av Togeventyret laget vi video: Ti ting du bør tenke på hvis du vurderer å dra på togferie.

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asking for book recommendations 

@Stoori Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Years of Rice and Salt is a classic

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