Today is one year old, yay!

So, a few words about the state and future plans of our instance from your admin.

As was already a year ago, is currently administered, moderated and paid solely by myself. This has been a sustainable model so far, and if we keep going like this, it will stay sustainable. I've renewed the domain for another year and I'll keep paying the monthly hosting fee, and everything will stay as it is now.



However, we've reached the user cap of our current hosting plan. About a third of our users are active as per the default definition of the term in Mastodon (whatever that is), but still the local timeline is a quiet place. My vision a year ago was a thriving local multilingual community, but this doesn't seem to have happened. And because of the user cap, we can't keep registrations open, so there won't be coming any new users for now and the local community will probably stay quiet.


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