Oh if I only had an excuse to travel to the Netherlands...

@SeventhMagpie Cause it's a bit boring to go that far just to walk alone on the streets.

@Stoori How can going somewhere be boring? :) Unless the destination is an office in which you have to sit all day, of course.

@SeventhMagpie Okay, let's rephrase it: I'd like it to be a bit different from my everyday life, which mostly consists of wandering alone on the streets.

@Stoori I'm sure there are some fun things to do in the Netherlands in addition to wandering around... 🤔

Although travelling alone gets tiring at some point. There's often this desire to share some nice place or moment with someone, but there's no one. :(


@SeventhMagpie Precisely. For me things don't just happen by going somewhere. I must have prearranged meetings or such if I'm ever to talk with anyone. And they could be called excuses in this context.

@Stoori That's sad. :( I wish you didn't have to resort to such excuses. And could just go to the Netherlands, and enjoy their tulips with someone special. :)

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