mh-, loneliness 

The depressive grip of loneliness is once again pretty hard. Even though I *have* some pretty good friends, but at times it's not enough to outweight the feeling of abandonment I get from people and the society in general.

And it's always so paralyzing, I can't get myself to do anything, I'm even almost unable to talk with my friends about anything, because I'm stuck with this feeling of loneliness. And when I talk, I turn out to be overly salty, just making things worse.

mh-, loneliness 

Nothing in this pattern is new. This is what my life has been for at least three decades already. There are brighter times, but it always regresses back to this darkness.

And I don't believe it will ever be anything else than this, repeating itself. I'm autistic, I know very well from experience that generally I can't talk to most people and most people just don't want to talk with me. For me there'll never be a community, because no community wants to have me.

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mh-, loneliness 

Six years ago in similar feelings I made this video, which once again sums up my mental state pretty well.

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