pronouns, regex, cursed 

After seeing this St. Hey post I got intrigued to write a regular expression that would capture he, she and they but nothing else.

Alas, I'm not a regex pro, so my if-then-else statements don't seem to work. Could you tell me what's wrong here? Or is it just that bash can't handle this shit?


pronouns, regex, cursed 

@Stoori I would write /\b(s?he|they)\b/ (in Perl syntax) but if you want to use a conditional expression then I'd write


\b is a zero-width word boundary, this will work on a word in a sentence, not just a word on its own.

Your main mistake is that every () captures and so gets a number, start from the leftmost and outermost, so

(t) => 1
(?(1)|s?)he(?(1)y|) => 2

So the condition should have (2) and I don't think you need a condition for the s.


pronouns, regex, cursed 

@wim_v12e I'm trying to do this on bash, which for some reason requires the | in the if statement, otherwise it returns nothing.

Anyway, after adding |, it captures the following:


So for some reason the if statement for y doesn't work on my setup.

(And yes, it would be easiest to just capture literals he/she/they, but the whole point of this excercise is to make this as awkward and impractical as possible. :D)

Perhaps I should just give up! :D

pronouns, regex, cursed 

@Stoori I've never used bash regexes, sorry.

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