Hahaa, finally my author's copies have made their long journey from the west coast of the USA to my home in Finland!

Look, there it is! My first genuinely foreign publication!

(And if you want to have your own copy, you can order it here:

@Stoori Hey, congratulations!

I expect you get translator’s copies of other people's publications that you worked on. I feel quite chuffed when I get those … but getting copies of your own creation back is something else.

Definitely something to proud of!

@jools Thank you!

Yes, translators get copies too. I haven't translated that many books, so I don't have too many of those lying around.

It's always hard to get rid of extra copies. After all, I only have one mother!

@Stoori Haha, too true. I do a lot of book translation so I have accumulated a fair few over the years. A lot of time can go by before you get them, so it's a nice surprise when they suddenly turn up, especially when they've been beautifully produced.

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