hot (take in the form of a) poll 

Would you like your activity on the fedi (the music you listen to, the toot you make, the replies, the self boost) to be indexed the same way a public library indexes its content.

(your client of choice for the fedi being the librairian).

hot (take in the form of a) poll 

@kyzh Do you mean, like , automatically or manually?

hot (take in the form of a) poll 

@Stoori automatically and by default (you would need to do something for it not to happen)


hot (take in the form of a) poll 

@kyzh Hmm, okay, perhaps I interpret the question in a weird way or something.

As I've understood, the main function of library indexing is to help find single entities in its collection more efficiently.

To make that automatically would probably require some sort of ML, and the efficiency of indexing depends on how good and relevant categories the ML can come up with.

Or instead just a simple full text search.

Are we even talking about the same thing here? :D

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