I'm surprised that this whole #Nikkie coming-out as #trans thing, bypassed the Fediverse. Or do people still refuse to use hashtags? Probably the latter.

Here in the territories occupied by the Dutch state, it was even on the evening news yesterday (she's from the province of North Brabant). And she is still trending in the bird cage today. Fortunately a huge majority of people support her. Only a tiny fraction of frustrated men (read boys) had a short circuit in their underdeveloped brains. They 'feel' themselves betrayed or worse. 🙄

Here is her video for context:


BTW: Personally I don't like her video's that much. This has to do with her exaggerated American accent and performance. It somehow triggers me. But my opinion is completely irrelevant and I support her of course completely regarding this coming-out.

#NikkieTutorials #comingout #LGBTQIA #transgender #transsexual


there were a few toots about this , but hashtags are still not widely used.

TBH as soon as I heard her speak I suspected she was Dutch 😉 (the fake USA accent is popular with a lot of Northern Europeans outside the UK).

I used to lurk on forums popular with Dutch youth, and TBH the amount of racism, sexism and homophobia dissapointed me but we are no better this side of the North Sea...

@vfrmedia This not using hashtags means that I and others miss a lot of important content. I understand people don't want their toots being searchable, but that also means only people that are on that particular moment will see their toots. I follow so many people that I'm not going to scroll down. I have a few lists for important stuff, but it was not there.

I didn't know first that she was Dutch. European, yes. Anyway it's not that important. It just me especially being negatively triggered by that exaggerated performance. I know it's popular to act like that on YouTube by some young people, but I'm not young and autistic, so forgive me. 😜

Yes there is a lot of transphobia and all those things you mentioned on both sides of the North Sea, but I was talking about Twitter and there is a surprisingly large supporting majority. Or it's my bubble. 🤔


@jeroenpraat Now hold it right there for a moment!

Did you just mean ”autistic” or actually autistic?

If the former, would you please be so kind and refrain from that casual abilism?

an actual autist who can't stand talking head videos


@jeroenpraat Ah, true, I missed it. But to be fair, in your toot you said that you're not ”young and autistic”, so I interpreted it as saying that you're neither of them, whereas you probably meant that you're not the combination of them.

(As to what comes to checking someone's bio, I've followed you since 2017 probably, so I don't usually check ”old acquaintances” if it is not especially prompted. :)


@Stoori Aha, there's the confusion coming from. I had to put comma before 'and'. Sorry English is not my first language.


I had thought there was just a missed comma and had already chatted to you about your own asd so knew it wasn't a criticism of being autistic, although I suspect age/culture is another factor.

Northern European youth are influenced by their kids TV, all 3 of us by the 90s were likely too old to be regularly watchng "Blue Peter" or "Het Klokhuis" and by that era all these shows were a lot faster paced and more American influenced - that has carried through to YouTube.


@jeroenpraat @Stoori

you will find that presentation style on any media targeted at people below about 30 these days - TBH it predates YouTube by about 20 years, and got more prominent as todays creators are constantly monitoring audience figures/analytics - some have become dependent on YT as a source of income and don't want to move "too far away from the thriving herd". It has affected pop music and radio presentation too (I notice it amongst young friends on the community radio)

@vfrmedia I know, but some are just more triggering to me than others. Oh well, nevermind.


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