Adore my keyboardio! :flan_hearts:

Key switches keep failing, though. I'm going to get soldering practice... :flan_hacker:

@mwlucas Oh, I'm sorry to hear they're failing.

My switches have mainly behaved well. Some chattering happened in the beginning, but isopropyl treatment fixed it.

And yes, this is such a joy to write with! Now extra esoteric with cryptic keycaps! <3

@Stoori There was a bad batch. I got unlucky. :flan_sad:

But the replacement switches were free, so I can't really complain.

@wxcafe me too! now i can finally practice my online black magic with style

@Stoori lol I hadn't noticed they were back in stock, I just ordered some

@wxcafe they came available in early march, but due to covid the shipment took over 2 months to arrive in europe... well at least it finally arrived

@Stoori yeah it's quoting 22 days shipping here and I'm in the US lol... we'll see

@Stoori extend that thumb row all the way and it's near 10/10

@Ninmi pari lisää kyllä vois olla, mut ei peukalo yltäisi sen pidemmälle kuitenkaan

@Stoori ite tarviin pikkurillille ja nimettomälle kaveriks ctrl, super ja alt niin se rajaa aika paljo tämmösii hienoi

@Ninmi tässä ne just painetaan peukalolla ja pikkurilliä käytetään vähemmän

@Stoori ite oon vaan lisänny peukalolle nappeja, tuntuu jotenkin järjettömältä että kummallakin peukalolla on tähän asti vain hakannut välilyöntiä

@Stoori cool! What are those symbols? I've never seen them.

@janUnise They're Linear A. Only for decorative purposes, the keyboard can't produce them. :)

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