Next week I have a session where I must use , and skipping that session just isn't an option.

So, are the most critical security issues with install still valid, or are they fixed? I mean the thing with installing an unauthorised server with admin rights (or whatever it was).

I've been thinking if it would be better to install a virtual linux just for using zoom and isolate it from my filesystem. Would that be in practice any safer than installing directly on my macos?

@Stoori I found when installing Zoom on Linux (Debian 10 with KDE if that makes a difference) it changed my keyboard layout to US English. God knows what else it did if it changed my settings in that way.

I got rid of it, I'm hoping to avoid it in the long-term. I wish it wasn't the one that had gained traction.

@ak Yes, I really hope that this is a one-off situation where I have to use it. And that's why I'm considering to install it on a new and easy to discard virtual machine, so that it wouldn't make changes in my main os.

It is *possible*to make it use the browser only but it's really stubborn at getting you to download. I'm not sure how I did it on one laptop and not another. Have to watch for a 'meeting in browser' link to appear at the bottom of the 'wait for launch' screen.

@priryo @Stoori That's a good tip, thanks! I just tried it with a test meeting and the link only appears for a second before you get redirected to the download page.

There must be some reason they're so adamant that you use their app rather than just using your browser like you do for literally everything else these days. I expect it's reading stuff off your computer.

@jonne Haa, hyvä kuulla.

Luin myös sellaisen vinkin, että macos:ssa voi tehdä uuden käyttäjätunnuksen, joka ei ole ylläpitäjä ja jolle asentaa zoomin vain paikallisesti. näin sillä ei pitäisi olla mahdollisuutta päästä mihinkään varsinaisen käyttäjätilin tiedostoihin.

Ajattelin tällä kertaa toimia niin, koska hyvässä lykyssä zoomia ei tämän yhden kerran jälkeen enää edes tarvitse.

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