Writer pro tip:

If you're writing a chase (either by foot or any vehicle) in a snowy landscape, DO KNOW that there will be track in the snow and you can just follow it. The chaser won't lose the chasee so easily in snow.

Unbelievable how often you can find this blunder in actual published books...

@Stoori Easy fix for this one is to have the chase in the middle of a windy storm. Adds extra danger/excitement to the situation too! :)

@brandon Hah, the track won't vanish that quickly. (I live in Finland, I know snow.)

In the book I'm reading now the chaser lost the track just a half km after the chased car. And that's just a blunder from the writer.

@Stoori 🤦‍♂️ Even a half km is not enough come on

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