tech suggestions needed 

Heya folks!

I'm having video meetings with my non-technical friends, and last time we used It worked after 15 minutes, when everyone had taken their time to retry until all cameras and mics worked. So we'd like to have a backup plan for the next time, if we just can't get jitsi working.

So what other public non-corporate services there are?
- Other public jitsi servers?
- Other non-corporate software that doesn't require installing?

Thanks in advance!

tech suggestions needed 

@Stoori Perhaps Rocket.Chat?

One could start on the open instance they host, with eg a private channel, invite people, and use its built-in video call.

It works in the browser and uses Jitsi or WebRTC internally (depends on the instance, I don't remember the default).

The server and (optional) apps are open-source.

tech suggestions needed 

@krinkle Thanks! I'll add that to my backup solution list. Looks like it requires registration, so it's not as easy to start using as some other options, but it's good to have on reserve.

tech suggestions needed 

@konibo This is a good list, thank you!

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