I'd like to practice by reading short articles, news and such. Possibly also watch news videos, but short text is my priority here.

But where should I head? Pretty much all I've heard of is Al Jazeera, but surely there are other news sites, too!

Doesn't need to be mainstream, and leaning left is a big plus actually. I have no country preferences, other than that they're genuinely from the Arabic world (so not BBC or any France stuff)

So drop me a link or two, if you like! :)

@chakuari by studying myself with textbooks, music and Language Transfer's course

@Stoori I see that the latter is for Egyptian Arabic, though. But it seems a nice alternative methid. Assimil here.

@chakuari Yeah, that's right, it's for Egyptian Arabic, I forgot to mention. LT's courses are purely for spoken language and references to written forms are kept in minimum, so with that approach it makes more sense to pick a colloquial spoken variant for the course.

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