Hey fedizens! What's your favorite ereader app for Android?

So far I've tried KOReader, and I guess I can live with it, although it doesn't seem to remember my settings and such, and also doesn't feel too intuitive to use for me.

So I'd like to hear other experiences and opinions before installing a bunch of other apps just to delete them.

@Stoori I've been using Cool Reader, the UI isn't spectacular but it's got a good feature set

@balrogboogie This really looks and feels much better than KOReader.

But there's one big minus: it doesn't seem to be able to open files directly from Nextcloud, so I'd have to find a routine to copy the files locally to my phone. (This may be a trivial thing, but this is my first Android phone for seven years, and I lack some basic skills yet...)

Or do you happen to know if opening directly from Nextcloud is actually possible with Cool Reader, and how to do it?

If you need to find the Nextcloud data folder directly, once you've synced any folders they'll be under Android/media/com.nextcloud.client/nextcloud/<user>
If you can't select a folder, you may be able to add whichever folder Cool Reader uses to Nextcloud, and then drop your books there to keep them synced.

@gamayun Hey, thanks! The books are there right away and easily available. :)

@Stoori I use Moon+ Reader Pro when I do. It's available on Android Play Pass too.

@Stoori i use Librera Reader. I'm quite happy about it — i even gave them money!

I think so far it's one of the best readers when it comes to reflowing PDFs!

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