admin update:

Our user count has once again reached the limit of our hosting plan, so I'm making the periodical pruning of abandoned accounts.

36 users who have not used their account for more than 6 months have been notified that their account will be suspended after 30 days if they don't react.

In addition to that I suspended 8 accounts that have never logged in once.

Soon we'll be able to open up for new registrations again.

@Stoori am looking to do the same how do you find the acounts and do the builk removes - looking through the admin cant find anything :)

@witchescauldron There's no bulk action, so this is of course feasible only for a small number of accounts. (Unless you have database access and do something outside Mastodon UI.)

But if you go to settings -> Moderation -> Accounts, you see when every user has last time been active. Then you just pick out those that haven't been active for x amount of time. I send a DM to every one of them and give a month to react, and after that I manually suspend the accounts one by one.

@Stoori sounds like hard work, maybe we could put a issue into the dev site.

@witchescauldron go ahead. i don't have an account there, and am not interested in opening one :)

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