The hallway outside my apartment smells like fish.

I just noticed this today. I haven't actually left my apartment without a mask on since April and now I'm silently horrified at the questions it raises.

How long has the hallway smelled like fish? Is this a recent development? Has it smelled like fish for most of the year and I just didn't notice? Does everyone else have covid and they don't even know it smells like fish??


@InvaderXan I've noticed that wearing a mask doesn't protect from smells, quite the opposite, it reinforces them.

So on that basis I'd say the smell is fairly recent, if you really haven't noticed it before.

@Stoori I find the opposite TBH. With the masks I wear, I only notice particularly strong smells. Like in the street, I might notice a perfume or cigarette smoke, but most of the usual scents pass me by. Especially subtler ones, like the scent of damp or cold air.

@InvaderXan interesting! i guess that different mask types behave differently in this respect. the fabric masks i use tend to gather every possible smell inside and then let them linger there under my nose longer than they'd normally stay.

which is quite annoying, as you might guess

@Stoori Yeah, I make almost all of mine triple layered. They have pretty good filtration.

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