Yet another misbehaving key on my ”heirloom grade” mechanical keyboard.

It's only a few months after I went to a shop to get four switches repaired, and now I should do it again. Bah!

I guess I need to look for a replacement to this overpriced crap. :(

@Stoori maybe try cherry silent next time? 🤔

@kai let's see. it's just that this keyboard has superior ergonomy, and I'm not eager to change to a differently shaped keyboard. but...

@Stoori most of the switches are interchangeable

@kai not with my skills, so it will cost much money anyway

@Stoori the ones I have just snap in! I put them in myself.

@kai these are soldered, which is the skill i don't have

@Stoori well if it makes you feel any better I have a microphone upgrade kit from a decade ago that I still haven't touched 😅

@kai yeah. it's just that a keyboard is my most important tool, so a broken keyboard is a bit too annoying and can't be ignored that easily (well, obviously i can use a replacement keyboard, like i do at the moment, but this is substandard, which is of course why i bought the ergonomic one in the first place).

@Stoori I am also so particular about everything and I hate that I'm like this.

I wish I could just be a go anywhere/do anything/use any tool type of person.

@kai that, too. With keyboard this is also a health issue for me. I've had achy hands for years, and an ergonomic keyboard is a must.

Or maybe i should fuck this all and stop writing altogether.

@Stoori I've been using the Microsoft Ergonomic series for years. They're cheap chinese made keyboards but the design is good.

I also run Workrave to remind me to take breaks.

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