All of you who are building ”alternatives to goodreads”!

Please keep in mind that
- not all are published in english and
- there are translations of books and
- people may read several different language versions of the same book, even at the same time.

Brought to you by a user who can't mark two different language versions of a book as being ”currently reading” simultaneously.

@Stoori People are making alternatives to goodreads??? Where can I find those? 👀

@jellal Federated are at least BookWyrm by @mouse and @Readlebee, neither of which is yet in production use, if I'm correct.

There are also some closed alternatives, the names of which I don't remember at the moment, as they are not as interesting as federating ones, regardless of how progressive the people making them are.

@Stoori @jellal @mouse The StoryGraph has a beta that's pretty good right now, but it's not federated and it's closed source. The recommendations it gives and the rating system it uses are very good though!

@Stoori There might even be *multiple* translations of the same book in a single language, and there can be large differences between them.

@nihl @Stoori Tracking books by ISBN (when they have them that is!!) should address things like this most of the time right?

@romainelaprophetesse @Stoori I guess but, from a technical point of view, I never worked with that sort of data and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are subtleties that make things a bit more complicated.
You're probably right with "most of the time" though, and the ISBN should be the main way to differentiate books from one another.

@nihl @romainelaprophetesse of course there are lots of books that don't have ISBN, mainly older books. So one shouldn't rely on that method only.

@Stoori What advantages does Goodreads have over, say, setting up your own card catalogue with Shaarli or something?

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