My new favourite in language learning is to watch cooking shows in my target language.

They have clear visuals: every ingredient is shown, its name is said aloud, the action with it is described aloud and then you get to see the action in practice.

@Stoori It's definitely not something you can do during a pandemic, but my friend used to teach 'roadside Welsh' - place names and road signs in Wales are in Welsh so as well as learning things like 'stop, slow down, left turn', etc., the place names teach 'river estuary, 'white island', 'dirt bridge', 'day fort', stuff like that XD

@Stoori @welshpixie

you get the Welsh signs in the driving theory test, especially in the new videos for hazard perception (I knew when I saw them the CGI sheep/goats were going to run out into the road, there's also one with the ARAF (SLOW) markings and then immediately after those someone has parked an Audi right in the middle of the narrow bridge on the way into some village 😆

@vfrmedia @Stoori @welshpixie If it's CGI sheep in Wales, do they make it region appropriate for other areas too?

Like, if it was a Bradford driving test, you'd have a CGI police chase coming up behind you, and CGI youths chucking CGI fireworks off a bridge, ang a CGI rented Lambo being driven questionably by a CGI weekend millionaire?

@ak @Stoori @welshpixie

they have one video set in London where there is a whole large building alight, you have to slow down for London Fire Brigade appliances followed by Met Police all heading towards the incident..

@vfrmedia @Stoori @welshpixie The Scottish Highland version has CGI Americans driving CGI rented camper vans down the middle of the road at 18mph looking terrified

@welshpixie @vfrmedia @Stoori And assuming "Passing Place" is Gàidhlig for "Car Park"

@ak @vfrmedia @Stoori "Hey Darlene, is that a haggis?"
"No Chet, I think that's a jackalope - they got those here, don't they?"

This has gone wildly off tangent

@welshpixie @vfrmedia @Stoori Never have I ever driven on a road worse than the Ring of Kerry, in summer it is populated pretty much entirely by people who have never driven on the left but decided "I know, let's rent a huge camper van and drive round Ireland"

If you can drive the Ring of Kerry and emerge with your wing mirrors unscathed, you can survive anything. Anything!

@ak @vfrmedia @Stoori My home village is at the bottom of a mountain pass that connects to bigger roads on the other side. My mum @leebee works in a pharmacy at the bottom of the mountain pass and often gets pale-faced drug reps from elsewhere coming in after driving 2mph over the pass, nail marks in their steering wheels XD

@ak @welshpixie @vfrmedia @Stoori I once drove over Macgillycuddy's Reeks, that was an experience, we couldn't find the road for ages, one local told us it's not signposted because they don't want to encourage tourists, they drive too fast and frighten the donkeys and carts going over. That was over 30 years ago, and still one of the most beautiful stretches of road I've ever driven over. ( I was a passenger so I could enjoy the ride )

@Stoori So true! I watched a _lot_ of these when learning Italian, and they've been soo helpful. Nobody believes me when I tell them about it but it really helps.

Wrote a blog post on it a couple years ago: (tho this was before I got into linguistics so maybe there's some cringe in there...)

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