Yea Session is good, but I only use WhatsApp to keep in touch with people in whose life I'm no authority in technology choices, and not keeping in touch with them is not an option, so here I am with my beautiful zero inbox*.

(*zero contacts)

@Stoori I've been thinking on using Session for a while. But I, too, would need to keep WhatsApp; in my case, for trivial things like scheduling doctor appointments and hiring other services, because people don't pick up calls as they used to.

I'll try to convince my friends and family to change as well when the time comes. We'll see how it goes.

@mendes_o_escriturario @Stoori I’ve moved WhatsApp off my phone to a tablet just to get it off my phone. There are a couple of group chats I’d rather not leave even though I cannot get them to move anywhere - and where to, anyway?

@harri @mendes_o_escriturario well yeah, group chats are a problem on a totally different level. luckily i only have one group to watch in whatsapp.

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