Course instructions:

> upload your videos on Moodle
> make a 5 min video
> Moodle file size limit 50M


Let's see how small ffmpeg can make this.

@Stoori AV1 will make it very smol with high quality.
Also takes very long to encode. :)

@owl I'm currently running some ffmpeg command with option ”veryslow”, so if this doesn't do the trick, I'll try other options.

Funny thing is, OBS made the raw footage (720p) in about 44M, but then I had to add one (1) still image to it in iMovie, and the smallest file (540p) I can get out of iMovie is 77M.

Once again an Apple product that Just Works™️

@Stoori if you simply decide that you want a 77M file, it works perfectly :blob_dizzy_face:

@owl hmm okay, now the file is 6.5M but won't open in QuickTime Player, so my teacher would have problems with it...

@owl okay, new try with a slightly different codec, this was fast, resulted in 7.3M and opens in QTPlayer. I'll go with this.

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