If you need help with or in , I can answer questions about language and provide short translations related to your life as a migrant for free.

You can ask in any A/B/C level language mentioned in my profile, although I may answer in English.

Note: I'm not licensed to do official translations.

Contact via DM or on public timeline.

@Stoori On similar terms I am happy to answer questions about #Turkish as used in Turkey, or about Turkey in general. You can contact me in any of Turkish, Italian, or English.


mini FAQ

What languages are spoken in Turkey? Mainly Turkish and Kurdish, other languages include Arabic, Armenian, Greek, and Laz.
Where can I learn Turkish? If there is a "TÖMER" tied to a university in your city, they are pretty good. And because they are public institutions, they are cheaper. Plus, being in a university environment, you get to easily socialise with native speakers.
Can I get by with English? In major cities, yes. In rural areas, no. In between, it's a spectrum but chances are low.
What are the two phone numbers one must know? 112 for all emergencies, 153 for your provincial municipality's call centre.
How can I say "I don't speak Turkish."? Say: "turk-CHE beel-mee-yoh-ROOM". Write: "Türkçe bilmiyorum."

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