investment rant 

Half a decade ago I had some extra money and participated in a crowd-investing of a small locally operating electric car-sharing company, because electric car-sharing sounded something I'd need every now and then.

Since then the company stopped with local car-sharing altogether and is now trying to push a ride hail app in Kenya, of all places.

And now I suddenly own a slice of a technoimperialist company, and because it's private equity, I can't even get rid of my small share.


investment rant 

The morale of the story, my kids, is that you should only ever invest your minuscule money in co-operatives, because you can always cancel your membership in a co-op and get your investment back, but if you invest in a private equity company, the only way to get rid of your share is to find a buyer for it, and that may be a real pain in the ass.

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