Follow so yeah, between this and xml, i've for now settled for listing my references by hand to get the style correctly as per our local requirements

all these automatic bibliography systems seem to have forgotten that 1) also people in the humanities would like to use their systems and 2) people in the humanities may not be able to build their own style definitions — they're goddamn humanists! we need someone to hold our hand while we automate

@Stoori @cadadr reminds me, my choices in formatting my diss were either a janky Word template or a janky LaTeX template. I taught myself enough LaTeX to get the job done, it was really hacky and awful and required a lot of searching StackExchange. Even the editorial office couldn't help me with it -- I was like, you made this, what do you mean?

But yeah, I'm sorry to hear it's been a pain for you. Writing itself is hard enough; you shouldn't have to fight formatting.

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