translation software 

First time trying out OmegaT in actual translation work, and it's so incredibly fast!

Translation software in general is bloat after bloat after bloat, every update making the software slower. But this, this just does the job and doesn't waste time thinking what it should do next.

This is nearly unbelievable! Modern software has accustomed us to slow operation, so when a rare piece of software actually *works* it feels suspicious — can it really do what it claims to do?

translation software 

The reason I haven't used this before is that I've been working for translation agencies that have provided me translation packages in tools of their choice, so transferring the work to an unsupported software hasn't sounded like a good idea. But this one project is my own and I can choose what tool to use, and I decided to give OmegaT a try.


translation software 

Ah, the speed!

”Create target file.”

Hmm, why did nothing happen?

Oh, there's a status bar that just says ”target file created”.

And lo, it *is* already created?! :o

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