I'm really not super into my computer's bluetooth starting to behave erratically 😞

@Stoori oof :/ wonder if it's a hardware or software thing.

@ljwrites hard to say. i'm using an old BT touchpad that has been disconnecting momentarily for a second at a time for a few months, so it might also be that the touchpad is just breaking down. but today also my headphones lost connection for a few seconds at the same time, and that was a first, so i'm really not sure about if it's the computer behind this anyway.

well, if it's just a blip every two weeks or so I can live with it for now, but if this starts happening daily...

@Stoori were you using the headphones at the same time as the touchpad? From my experience of using two BT devices at the same time, device signals can interfere with each other and it's possible the touchpad glitching made its signal erratic, interfering with the headphone signal. Sometimes deleting and re-pairing the device can help too, esp with headphones in my experience.

Also an issue I had on Mac OS with Bluetooth headset sound breaking up when I used it at the same time as a BT trackball disappeared when I installed Linux on the exact same computer with the identical devices, so sometimes software makes a difference too.

@ljwrites hmm, interesting! Then I guess this might be because I have two BT devices nowadays (I got these headphones three months ago, and that may coincide with when the connection errors with the touchpad started).

And probably software issue then, because this is indeed macos. I'll live with this, as long as it's not hardware problems.

@Stoori yeah I recommend deleting and pairing the devices again, and also trying the headphones on their own to see if the issue persists. Macs have excellent hardware and their reputation for being pricey is somewhat unjust--their price is comparable to other computer builds of the same caliber, and they've been known to last a decade or longer. The software can sometimes be lacking, as I've found. Doesn't mean the hardware can't be flawed or break down, but due to my experiences I'd suspect software over hardware when it comes to Blutooth problems on Mac.

@ljwrites as long as the devices aren't breaking down, i'm okay with these glitches. annoying as they are, they happen randomly a few times a month and don't last more than a second or two at a time, so it's a bit hard to try to replicate them, so I'll just live with the situation.

@Stoori oh I see, sounds actually better than my situation where the headphone sounds constantly broke up when the trackball was connected and active lol. Maybe BT connectivity handling has improved since then, if not perfected.

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