@kensanata wow yeah that sucks. I believe that even for people who rely on their vision these scooters in the middle of the sidewalk are a break in a conversation, a thought and so on. It is distracting if you have to walk around these things all the time.
I would be annoyed if personal bicycles would be in the way on a sidewalk a lot, but I don't see that too much here. It's rare that I (not blind though) have to walk around bikes.

@pinkprius @kensanata

in England people ride their bikes on the sidewalk (even adults) but thats understandable for their own safety due to cars parked either side of the road and drivers intimidating cyclists for "holding up traffic". Hire bikes or scooters are rare in this town; there are both in Cambridge but there seems to be some regulations about where they can be left so they don't get in the way too much (although they do take a bite out of existing bike parking spaces)


@vfrmedia @pinkprius @kensanata In Finland it's common to park your bike on sidewalk, because many times there simply isn't any other place to park them.

There are photos of Finnish main streets from the 1950s where bikes are casually parked on the edge of drive lanes, but then ”something happened” (read: all space was allocated to cars) and nowadays nobody would ever dream of parking there.

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