Why don't we simply cap personal wealth, like max level in video games?

It could be something like 1M€ (including home, savings, investments, vehicles, etc., everything), and anything over that would be confiscated to fund public services.

1M€ is enough to strive for comfy life, for those who like it, and only a few % of people ever own more than that, but it would drastically reduce the harms of extreme wealth concentration.

Of course this would be just a first step towards communism.

@Stoori it would need to be done across a large number of countries at once to make capital flight more difficult, and close observation by the tax authorities to ensure if limited companies are created to get round this (which they inevitably will be) they are used to actually employ people and contribute to the domestic economy rather than just serve as ways of holding assets..

@Stoori Well, who's responsible for enforcing the wealth caps. lol

@noyovo ahh, looks like you put your finger right on the weak spot of my plan!

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