If you're person of , consider answering the EUCAP 2021 Survey.

The survey maps your opinions on autism research, support and treatment options, and autists in decision making.

EUCAP is an autistic-lead umbrella organization of European autistic organizations, so this survey is important to get *our own voices* heard.

The survey is available in 11 languages. Deadline Nov 15th 2021.

Please boost.

@Stoori first thing I'm noticing is the German translation says:

Start Umfrage

instead of

Start der Umfrage (odd)
or: Startete die Umfrage

@Stoori anyway, how do i know if I'm actually autistic, instead of, something else?

@meena about translation: I didn't translate it, however, it was other voluntary people who did the translations.

And if you suspect that you might be autistic, then quite probably you are autistic... :D

(To be clear, self-diagnosis is totally okay with the survey.)

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