finnish state media making new lows with a headline that states that ”forcing sustainable consumption may even harm the sales”.

like, *that's the whole point of ”sustainable consumption”*. the sales must be harmed.

@Stoori it says a lot that many people seem to equate sustainability with "consuming equally as many (or more), but Green🌿 ™️ Products ®️".

i want "the sales must be harmed" on a mug

maybe ill find one on amazon /s

@Stoori The literal end of the human race may also harm the sales.

@lpslucasps but whoever has the most money when the end comes wins!

@owl @Stoori So *that's* why it's called a "race"! It all makes sense now!

@Stoori tired: the spice must flow
wired: the sales must be harmed

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