americans go wild when you point out to them that something they do is specific to america like calm down it's alright I know it's weird to imagine that some people do things differently than you but you'll get used to it

other countries don't use am/pm notation? well FUCK YOU BUDDY don't you dare point that out to me

oookay? alright 🤷

@wxcafe People in America assume my preference for 24 hour time is a military thing. When in reality I just spent some time outside of the bubble.


@sng @wxcafe ...w-wait a moment, do USians call 24 hour time ”military time” because going to wars in other countries is the only time US people actually encounter 24 hour time in practice (i mean, not in military itself, but in those other countries)?

@Stoori @sng no, it's because it's unambiguous so it's used in the military, so people who went to the army get used to it

@Stoori @sng they do say "at fourteen hundred" instead of "at fourteen" as someone normal would, but other than that they use 24 hour time

@wxcafe @Stoori So. While all my devices are set to 24 hour time I “speak” 12 hour time. In the US a native USian speaking 24 hour time is a pretty useful proxy for asshole. Not perfect. But fairly close.

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