KFC admitted that they are out of potatoes as they import from Egypt and South Africa, citing Kenyan potatoes are of substandard quality, now Kenyans are boycotting them saying they should import their customers too.

In Kenya we farm 62 varieties of potatoes including this on the picture “Shangi” which is very good for chips.

One week later and KFC still have this poster, they can't source potatoes in Kenya at a cheaper price (half price of importing) and in turn promote local farmers. Seeing this poster is very funny to most Kenyans, in the country where potatoes are the second most consumed crop after maize.


@JonathanMBR ha, yet another example of how homogenization of recipes in these global corporate franchises is just harmful: the recipe that works well with one variety is enforced everywhere, even when that particular variety is not easily available there, while ignoring that small local changes to recipes could lead to similar or even better recipes with different local varieties.

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