i'm annoyed because there are so many scenes filmed in town centre but i can't recognize the place!


wtf, imdb claims it's filmed in lohja, which means that i *should* have recognized it.

they've really did great work in anonymizing the locations!

if online information is any reliable, there's still the same second hand book shop in lohja where i first started to buy comic books as a 10 or 11 year old.

i want to visit there now. feel the dusty smell of old books that such shops so often have. i have a vague idea that i still remember this particular shop's smell, but they're really not that different so this may be a false memory.

anyway, i probably won't have a chance to visit there in any near future.

also, if you look around, you'll see that there's barely anything but parking fields along that street. it's a sad view.

i don't know about that particular street, but i have a strong hunch that once in the history it was lined with wooden town houses, like finnish towns customarily were, but then ”progress” came along and those houses were torn down to make room for cars.

though it may also be that the town was so small that this street has never been built before those parking fields.

found some old maps. there seems to have been scattered houses in the past, not densely packed townhouses like i thought, and they've disappeared one by one, latest of them is still marked on a map from 1990!

so, in a sense it has always been a bit of a back street.

talking about lohja, i also remember buying this album of Nypykät: Kanuunaralli (on a cassette, because i didn't have any lp or cd player back then) there in 1991 or 1992, and this has been one of my most listened albums during all these years. not that i'd listen to it so often nowadays, but i pretty much still know all the lyrics by heart.

this link goes to one song, because i can't find a playlist for this album, but if you search for Nypykät look for this cover art. youtu.be/jmFdpF_kbwg

to be more precise: i didn't buy the album from that second hand book store, i bought it from a music shop that was in the basement of a brand new shopping centre next to the market square.

oh, i can still remember those smells too, especially of the new books and stationery shop in that shopping centre...

oh lohja, you're not so nice place as i remember you! :D

also, i've talked about some other Nypykät song before here, too. all their lyrics are, on the surface, jolly songs about boozing etc. (what a nice album for a 11 years old! :D), but they're packed with so much cultural references and stereotypes that it'd take me ages to untangle them all here. so i won't do that, and you'll just listen to it and think ”nice and catchy finnish folk-pop”. anyway, enjoy the music!

link to google maps 

@Stoori fucking Google maps doesn't show me the street view. It must be beautiful if you like it tho :)

link to google maps 

@cadadr outrageous! here's a screenshot of the view. just look at that pearl of a book shop.

link to google maps 

@Stoori what a beauty I wanna go and smell books now :blobaww:

(Due to pandemic conditions corporate requires me to avert the public that smelling books in these trying times is not advisable and is only used in this toot as a metaphorical device, as permitted by the Metaphors and Allegories Act 1234.5.6.789, for expressive, artistic, communicative purposes. Any damages that may arise from contra book sniffing is not our responsibility, the Sniffer commi---

@cadadr we clearly need a smellyverse to share these experiences with each other. could that be implemented with activitypub? 🤔

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