Dear Mastodon users, beware of spam!

Today I got email stating that my is about to expire, and there was a link to renew my password.

If you receive such emails, absolutely do not click their links. Mastodon passwords do not expire. The link will only take you somewhere where you can lose your Mastodon credentials to malicious users.

(This may be relevant to other fediverse software than Mastodon too, I don't really know what the spammers are sourcing now.)

Ah, I notice I missed a word there. Should have been ”...stating that my password is about to expire...”

And this was sent to my admin email, which is publicly visible on the instance info page, so I don't suspect any data breach.

So at this point probably only instance admins are targets for phishing. Hopefully no admin hands out their login credentials this way.

@Stoori wow we are getting popular enough to now have people try and phish us for our passwords. It's starting to feel more like a commercial service every day now.

@artilectzed if you go to /about/more page of any mastodon instance, you'll see that the admin email is public info. so i guess they just scraped instances and picked whatever public email addresses they found.

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