If any of you mufos want to add me as their Briar contact, as a back-up measure in case we lose contact through the fediverse and you still want to keep in touch with me in that unfortunate case, DM me.

@Stoori I forgot about briar. I don't even know how it works. 😅
I got signal and telegram though. 🤔

@maloki yeah, there are so many messaging apps to pick. i thought to pick briar as a backup contact app precisely because it can also work over ad-hoc and bluetooth networks if internet connection is down.

@Stoori @maloki I think it's only theory because there are not enough people using it to work without internet or maybe it became more of a thing in some places?

@jules @maloki perhaps. well, time to get enough people to use it then :)

@Stoori @maloki I'm done trying to get people to use some niche messenger. Have been for a long time 😅

@jules @maloki yeah, there's that. :D

which is why i underline the term backup contact here.

@Stoori I heard about briar but had forgotten. I really like the idea of sharing things nearby. I'll give it a try!

Ich nehme an dass Briar das Application gleichbare zu Signal ist

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