Weeeeeee! First 'proper' piece using the Foundational Hand script I picked up yesterday.

Materials: Pilot Parallel and Rotring calligraphy pens, Sakura Pigma Micron, Ecoline and Diamine ink applied with brushes, and Edding Gold fineliner, on Daler Rowney 90gm calligraphy paper.

#MastoArt #calligraphy

You want to know the value of Mastodon over Insta? Posted this on Instagram to the 15k followers I have there, properly tagged. 29 likes, no comments.

Masto? *So* much engagement. So much fun discussion. So much more community.

Numbers don't mean squat if you don't have the follow through. I've never sold a single piece of art through Insta. People on Insta like passively browsing through images and tapping the heart. For an artist, it's a useless audience.

Further, I have a colouring book published through Barnes & Noble and a big art licensing firm in the US that represents me. Neither of these found me through FB, Insta, or Twitter. The only people who reach out to me with 'business opportunities' on Insta are accounts entirely unrelated to mine offering me 'influencer opportunities'.

Meanwhile, people here don't just buy art that I post for sale, they ask if they can buy art I haven't even listed. "Supportive" is an understatement. :artpaw:

@welshpixie yes! omg this is so true. I never feel like I'm posting into the void here. People talk to each other and help each other and treat each other like people rather than content factories.

I try to commission art from other fediverse users when I can and I've been so happy with the results.

And as a writer, my crowdfunding has been funded and my books have sold almost entirely on the strength of my friends and community here.

@welshpixie It's definitely reciprocal -- I don't think people should come here expecting to cross-post from twitter, never engage, and get the same kind of community support. Like you need to be *part* of a community to have it's support.

But 100 followers here is surely worth 100x that elsewhere, because that's 100 people who actually want to talk to you and hear from you.

@vicorva and if they really feel like they need to cross-post, they should do it the other way around.
Seeing posts that adopt Twitter's post length and lack of content warnings is what frustrates me the most about cross-posting. Lack of image descriptions too, but since Twitter actual supports them nowadays, that's more a cultural thing than a technical limitation.
(Invalid at-mentions because they try to mention a Twitter account as if it were a local account are also somewhere on that list...)

(If one just wants people to read what one writes, without wanting to interact, one should just start a blog with RSS feeds instead.)


@FiXato @vicorva @welshpixie for me the main annoyance of twitter crossposts is that they inject things here without context and you can't really interact with them — if you reply, the crossposter may never know you've said something to them, and that's just rude. fediverse is geared towards meaningful interactions, and treating it as a one-way dumpyard is nothing but rude.

@Stoori @FiXato @vicorva Yeah, I unfollow people if I see they're just crossposting from Twitter because it gives me the impression they're not 'on mastodon', they're not ingratiating themselves into the community here.

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