Finally, after almost four years, has a server-specific thumbnail image that is replacing the default mastodon banner. The image is made by @lpslucasps. Thank you Lucas! 🎉

If you want to appreciate the banner, go to our instance's about page.

@Stoori btw, the logo and background are still up for grabs, so if someone more talented could do some nice art to replace the default ones before I get over my head and send some bad art as candidates would be cool.

@lpslucasps i don't know if there are more images that i can replace. i already put the new one in the three settings that are available through the admin UI, and the rest are probably accessible only through the command line that i can't access.

@Stoori I saw some instances where the background and logo are customized (e.g.: and thought it was something easy to do. Apparently it's not as simple as replacing the header. 🤔


@lpslucasps oh, yeah, indeed there are some options to make custom css, but i don't really know about the details of how to do that and what is possible to do with that.

i guess the static images that are necessary can only be uploaded if there's a command line access, but some simple colour and layout manipulation can be done from the ui.

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