Those of you who have come here from corporate social media (recently or in the past) and stayed, which of the following were behind your reasons to stay here?

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@Stoori It's been years so I forget how, but I very quickly connected to the #Queer and #Autistic communities here. Outside of my bro I think there's only one person I know of who's a mutual who came from past birdsite me. And how she found me, I have absolutely no idea!

@Stoori Less tracking, no advertising, no contorting words and thoughts to appease reactionary techbro moderation, no fighting a manipulative poorly-built algorithm, the potential for community care through resource sharing, the ability to moderate to protect ourselves, more anonymity. This is the only social media that's even vaguely compatible with my mental illness

@wortezimmer @Stoori it certainly was until 2018... but even so it's still nicer than birdsite

@wortezimmer @Stoori
That was when the last big influx of users before the recent one happened.

What was the reason for "the first wave"? Facebook?

@Stoori I followed a lot of my friends here, and once I'd been here a while I was able to reconnect with more friends, including ones I had lost from previous social platform hoppings. I left some behind, and I gained some new ones. having swapped main social platforms... five times? since I started on UseNet, it's a process I'm very used to by now, and I'm so happy to have reconnected with so many of my UseNet friends here. this feels much more like there than any centralized corporate place ever could have.

Corporate social media has always been rough on my mental health. CWs made Fedi a healthier space for me to spend my time.

@Stoori I’ve ended up using both because there’s a whole community on Twitter who I haven’t been able to convince to move. But I spend much more time here because it’s healthier, which in turn means I’ve got to know new friends here a lot better.

@Stoori as a queer person, I found the agency over community moderation to be a breath of fresh air that reminded me of the older, safer places on the internet for minority interests

@Stoori other: content warnings creating a space we could still interact with on bad days

- 🎒

@Stoori Other: Content warnings! Human moderators!

@Stoori Honestly, it was kind of fun to learn how a totally new platform works, so that had its own momentum. I never even heard of the Fediverse before Musk bought Twitter. Two of my friends were already here, and I like the way it feels. I'm posting and replying more than I used to on Twitter.

@Stoori I did have some friends here from real life / other socials when I started but they've pretty much all drifted away. I'm still here because it's not got ads and tracking and the like, but also because I feel like I've made new friends and I like them a lot.

@Stoori I will respond to this another day. I'm too drained right now.

@Stoori I made my account when G+ shut down, it was busy at first but then got pretty quiet.

I had the account so kept it and would stop in and share my new content each week but didn't really interact.

@Stoori Interesting people plus, there are things I'm more comfortable talking about here (like my rants about the police and the state). I also just like the idea of using libre software, but that's secondary.

@Stoori Several reasons - I don’t want to be anywhere near the bird site if/when EM reinstates the former US POTUS.
Also the trolling by utterly hateful people over there is very unpleasant. The monitors do very little to deal with it.
I also love, love, love 1K characters for comments and replies.
A whole bunch of my mates are here too.

@Stoori i say fuck a lot so the hellbird site shadowbanned me and nobody (not even my mutuals) see or interact with my shit. here people want to engage with me so it’s a better fit. nobody is trying to sell me anything either

@Stoori I joined here soon after joining Birdsite because I could translate the UI. It's much more fun using the software in the language of my choice, although our linguistic community is still tiny on here.

@Stoori I like the vibes of the instance I'm apart of, I don't have to worry about the algorithm, ppl aren't (generally) here to start weird passive aggressive fights about nothing, no ads, no fear of "going viral" over a post you had no idea was going to invite dog piling, control over the visibility of my posts, hashtags/image descriptions are useful and encouraged here, I could go on forever haha 😌

@Stoori Two reasons I stayed:

1) I wanted this platform to be a success
2) I paid for a 3-year server lease to run my instance ;-)

@Stoori I like that I have so much more control over what I see here, I never had that kind of control on corporate social media.

@Stoori I have a great sense of building the "vibe" of the instance I'm on and a sense of the disparate worlds that exist outside of our local timeline. I know my actions matter on my instance in a way that it doesn't seem to on the birbsite. Plus I'm let myself be a little more open here since there isn't an explicit profit incentive driving the design of the software/infrastructure so I'm less worried im contributing to a place of banal (and sometimes explicit) evil online.

@Stoori i feel like i dont have to feel suspicious or hostile to randos commenting on my posts because you can easier tell their intentions are genuine and not a troll/bot/scammer/replyguy. i dont think people here are nicer, its more that the structure of this place doesnt encourage ppl to show off their ruder sides as often or easily.

@Stoori other reasons:

1) mental health
2) less ads and predatory algorithms
3) trigger warnings
4) it feels less anxious for me to use it

@Stoori I've cross-posted between Mastodon and other sites in the past, but right now I'm finding the community and the pace of Mastodon to be a better fit for me.

@Stoori *Other*

I'm admin'ing an instance, so I kinda have to stay.

But it's growing slowly, and the feed is remaining rich in quality,and close to my interests.

@Stoori I don't get much benefit from either platform. I still exist on both, but wish I could exist on neither. I'm only here because it sucks less than the alternative. But there's less of the content I want to see here, because people are too stuck in their ways and refuse to migrate.


1) I am pro Open Source and Digital Freedom as those things are important to me, I try to use as much FOSS and foss driven platforms possible.

2) Fediverse provides Apps for my f-droid/lineageos phone.

@Stoori I came intending just to test it out in case Twitter became intolerable.

I didn't make any biog, dramatic, "GOODBYE everyone" sort of posts, it was just natural - people are nice here, and you can have a conversation.

@Stoori It's been hard trying to convince friends to come too. Some would like it here better and some really enjoy the algorithm as they're on Twitter to see laughs and shitposts. Thus, though I've found many new and interesting folks here, I remain on both platforms.
@Stoori I consciously set out to spin up a network of instances to provide others in my community with an alternative.

@Stoori been disappointed of the big SM sites for various reasons. I’ve read nsfw is allowed here and algorithms are no problem here so I want to give it a try 🙂

@Stoori I left the birdsite because it was just an exhausting experience for me.

The writing was on the wall for me that it was going to get worse, so I took a break from it for my own mental health.

Having moved over, I find myself less angry at the world. I don't chase the dopamine hit from likes, follows, comments, and other engagement.

I'm happy to see other people who share things because they want to and not try to game the system for engagement.

It's just more relaxing here. 😌

@Stoori i started here in 2018 and honestly it's just nice to not feel like i'm going to get replied to by brands or terfs or whatever, and there is a different feel to fedi

@Stoori I just like microblogging and this place feels a lot like early twitter used to, with the added benefit of content warnings, no ads, no algorithms, and it's decentralized. It was a natural fit.

@Stoori realizing how potentially restrictive and totally unnecessary centralized control over social media was made the decision obvious

I'm a mixture the corporate social media side was under protest but I used to be on livejournal for my non work time. The only reason I was on the hellsite was because the activists I was working with used twitter to communicate during a hackathon. But the community livejournalesque/tumblr feel is what kept me here. I found new people with common interests. I've also met some IRL and the Fediverse is a part of what links us.

@Stoori I've opted to not vote as I started here in 2017, then later branched out to Twitter (which I don't check as often). Going back further, my earlier social network exploration was StatusNet/, back when Ubuntu had introduced the Messaging Menu ( ).

It is interesting to see others' perspectives!

@Stoori "I found interesting new people to interact with" does fit really well. I will stay here forever I guess.

@stux is a really good and caring admin. All the other people here (well, most of them) are really friendly too. It wouldn't feel right to leave this beautiful place.

@LazyMoogle @Stoori :blobcathearts: I stayed for the same reason :cat_hug_triangle: People on here are so much more friendly than any other social network, even with my "AFK" friends in the past! Most best friends I have now are on the Fedi from all over the world :fediverse: :blobcathearts:

@Stoori Other: Intentional staying because I idealistically think that federated diasporic communities is a better data, social, and community model than centralized, and I think moderation failures in corporate platforms illustrate that perfectly.

@Stoori my other reason: it's just better
like the functionality of the websites is better
the community is better
fascists come pre-blocked

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