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just copypasteing this from our instance about/more page:

”Here you can use any language you like, and use of different languages is actually strongly encouraged!”

”New moderators are appointed when necessary, to cover the volume and common languages on the instance.”

though i must say that with an average report volume of one report from other people than myself per year this whole moderation business hasn't become overwhelmed, even with all these ”””exotic””” languages

instance language meta 

about's language list: it's just outrageous how even all the minority languages in europe are not allowed (in addition to the majority of world's languages).

for finland's part, for example, you couldn't use any of the sami languages, romani, karelian or sign languages of finland there.

and why? as if people using oppressed minority languages really was a moderation headache.

instance language meta 

@Stoori Gaelic is welcome on although @trumpet doesn't speak it 🥰

instance language meta 

@Stoori Language discrimination? Sounds like the tip of a very nasty iceberg.

I can easily imagine myself as an instance admin thinking that I want to take moderation seriously and should accept the responsibility only if I'm sure I have the moderators available to handle it.

But I agree with the idea that disallowing a language is probably worse than some somewhat haphazard handling of very infrequent moderation requests.

@Stoori Reminder for privileged software engineers: Country borders are not language boundaries.

@samgai @Stoori i think we can burry that one by now, or reverse it

@samgai @Stoori
Whenever someone doesn't get this, I like to ask them which language 🇮🇳 represents. If they still don't get it then, I ask how they would represent the other ~450.

@anarchiv @samgai @Stoori or how about about 🇳🇵?

where all mother languages are official languages?

or 🇮🇩?

@meena @samgai @Stoori
There's a ton of good examples out there, I just think India is a very intuitive one.

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