I just remembered this sound file where i butcher schratze's name in my local finnish dialect.

Which gave me a cursed idea: for every boost I'll butcher *your* fedi user name too.

time to have a pause, i'll get back to new names to butcher a bit later!

puhhh, that was quite a job. now as a sideproduct i have a collection of weirdly pronounced fedi user names :D

waitaminute, it's boosted 31 times but i can only see 26 of them. perhaps people on some silenced instances are also boosting it without me knowing?

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@Stoori this is all I ever wanted.
That and maybe to hear "paravirtualization" again

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@Stoori no idea what causes this, but I’ve sometimes noticed I got a notification of someone boosting a post, and they get counted in the number, but aren’t visible in the list, yet them boosting it is still visible in their profile

do some instances have some sort of follower-only boost? because sometimes felt to me like it might be something like that

@trisschen i think boosts should inherit the original visibility, but i'm not sure, it may also be that they get the user's default visibility.

@Stoori @trisschen IIRC there is such a thing as followers-only boosts in mastodon, probably if your profile is configured to post followers-only by default

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