Are cemeteries open or closed for nights where you live?

(for visitors, not for burying operations)

@Stoori closing time here varies per month (due to changing daylight hours) - makes sense as many who might visit cemeteries are likely to be older and have mobility issues so it genuinely wouldn't be safe for them to be in such an environment in poor light- plenty of stuff there to cause trips and falls as well as other security risks (even the town parks all shut at night round here)

@vfrmedia based on what you write i assume there's no lighting in public parks and cemeteries?

@Stoori from memory there are lights on some pathways but not throughout the whole site; TBH if I were a senior I would not want to be anywhere near these places in near darkness anyway as its not a pleasant environment (even now I generally avoid the areas as I have no reason to be there)

@Stoori do you expect us to go to cemetery at night to check tha?

@Stoori i don't know, i don't think any of them have any fortifications to keep people out
theres some that dont have gates fences or walls, and some that do

@Stoori I discovered many years the one closest to me is being monitored by a guard company (they didn't catch me).

@panina there are at least cameras in finnish cemeteries too, even though they're always open.

vandalism with knocking down random headstones was quite common some decades ago, which is the main reason they installed those cameras, but anything else than vandalising is generally okay at any time.

@Stoori well, I got chased as part of a campaign targeting sex work, I think.

@panina oof, they're certainly not as chill with cemeteries there then as here

@Stoori I think this thing might not have been intended for the cemetery, when I think about it. It might actually have been the police targeting sex workers.

silly, irreverent 

@panina @Stoori what next, they'll ban sex work in churches? 😤

@Stoori closed, and they do have fences and walls to keep people out when they are closed.

I may remember one of them having a fence with a prominent weak spot right to the side of the gate, at least if you're sized like an adolescent, but of course I've never taken advantage of that, why would you ask!?!

@Stoori Probably not to disturb the sleep of the residents ?

@Stoori I wasn't sure, so I asked my wife who used to work for the Church, and her answer was "it depends", which really confused me so I asked for clarification, and she said "well, the gates are closed and locked, but you can always jump the fence, I guess 🤔"

I'm so blessed to have this person in my life istg 😅🥰

@shi that's the spirit!

of course depends on how high the fence is: is it something to just step over, or would real climbing equipment be needed.

@Stoori I think it's mostly so they have a club to hit homeless people with, if said people try to camp out in the cemetery.

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