In sweden private newspapers are threatening to sue public service because they are to good at delivering written news online... It is truely a horrific society where people can learn about what is happening in the world without paying for it 😩

@micke that's what happened in finland too: YLE was forced to change their online news so that it must always be accompanied with moving pictures.

the result seems to be that there are as much text articles as before, but they have unnecessary videos attached to them nowadays :|

@Stoori @micke Well that's an interesting data point. Pretty much confirms my suspicion that bloat is -always- business-model-driven.

@n8chz @micke yeah, the thing is that commercial media tried to curb the amount of freely available news reporting by YLE, but luckily that didn't happen in the end.

lots of the videos and interactive things they do nowadays are obviously there just for the new requirement, and the news wouldn't lose anything without them.

@Stoori @micke My main horror at it all is that they seem to be fishing for a precedent to the effect that a "public option" is necessarily at an unfair competitive advantage against private incumbents. Or is precedent not a thing outside the Anglosphere? Even if not, they seem to want the public image of the public sector to be the universal 800 lb (363 kg) gorilla that dominates everything it touches.

@n8chz @Stoori there has been discussions about this allready,and Swedish Public Radio (SR) has most cut down their text based news to about 3 sentences. Swedish Public Broadcasting (SVT) has allready put an anoying video on everything. SR textbased news used to be really good, so this discussion has allready had a negative effect.


@micke @n8chz oh dear, so they're really playing by the rules even before the rules are made, that sucks! :(

they should just stretch the rules as in finland and keep doing proper text journalism with some extra steps!

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