dall-e mini generated image 

apparently polycule-de-sac is some cute marine animal

dall-e mini generated image 

gaming capybara

finally something gaming related that actually looks cute!

dall-e mini generated image, CURSED CURSED CURSED 

sanna marin and volodymyr zelenskyi getting married

dall-e mini generated image, cazzopollo fanfic 

penis-headed chicken chasing xi jinping


dall-e mini generated image, potentially cursed 

pickled baby shoes in a musty cellar

craiyon generated image 

moominpappa finds a cask of amontillado

(i can't see any casks in these pics :( )

craiyon generated image 

nightwatch by rembrandt but they're all billionaires

craiyon generated image 

@Stoori "this will make sure you don't actually sleep" 🫠

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